NFL players are getting ancy


The National Football League lockout has been going on for over two months with no end in sight.

It is clear that NFL players are getting antsy.

The most clear and concise evidence that even team representatives are getting antsy comes from the Atlanta Journal Constitution via Pro Football Talk as Atlanta Falcons team representative Coy Wire commented on the United States Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on the lockout.

“Hopefully, they can just turn their attention to getting a collectively bargained for agreement,” Wire said. “I think maybe its better that a decision was finally made about the stay and the lockout. Now, we can get down to the important matter at hand.”

Unfortunately, the people that run the NFLPA have other plans as they have still yet to make any counter proposal to the NFL’s two proposals made. The latest being earlier this week in the middle of mediation sessions.

Players are fully aware that their time playing in the NFL is short as it is not all about wear and tear, but mainly on the body’s ability to withstand it. Also, players understand as they get older the hormone levels in their body drop. That means every game matters to an NFL player’s career.

Unfortunately, NFLPA management never got that memo.

In the end, if NFL players want to get back to work they better start speaking out against NFLpa management, because they are the ones that is causing this mess.

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