Take the deal NFLPA


Many Federal Judges go by the law and don’t let  politics get in the way of doing their job. Don’t let that fool you as there is more to it than just the law.

In regards to the labor battle if the National Football League Players Association management have any brains they will take the NFL’s current offer.

The Federal Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court are mainly comprised of republican judges. That means their view of the law is from a more conservative point of view that usually favors big businesses.

What people forget is that these judges have friends and family that are also have similar views to their own. Also, they most likely have friends and acquaintances that have links to other big businesses. These also can have influence on ones decisions.

Then there is the damage that would be done to the NFL, other sports leagues and the economy.

In the end, NFLPA needs to make a decision, because if they wait to long the deal may get worst.