Labor battle will get ugly before it gets better


Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson may be old, but definitely knows the business side of the NFL as he was one of only two owners who voted against the last collective bargaining agreement that was passed in 2006.

Wilson’s recent comments only prove that the labor battle will only get worst before it gets better.

According to the New York Daily News, via Pro Football Talk, making money in Buffalo is tough.

“It’s very difficult,” Wilson said. “We’ve had a tough time. We’ve hung in there. Buffalo has lost population and it’s a tough go. When I came in the league, it was the 14th largest city in the league. All the corporations moved out of Buffalo. We’re doing alright. We will make it, but it’s not easy.”

Basically, what Wilson is saying that there are only a few options that will work financially. First, the players have to be given a lower percentage of revenue as they make too much any which way. Then either revenue sharing between teams would have to increase or the NFL would have to go back to the old designated gross revenue formula.
With what has been reported it seems that the owners would like to go with an updated version of the old system. That way teams won’t have to share revenues like luxury suites.
The fact of the matter is that owners have dug their heels in the dirt, and are in this for the long haul.
In the end, if NFL players want to play football anytime soon they better get their rears back to the negotiating table.

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