It will make people mad but their right


National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell appeared on Pro Football Talk Live Wednesday to talk about the current labor situation.

As much as one option may make NFL fans mad if the league would be right to use it.

One option that has surfaced for the NFL if the lockout of players is lifted is that the league could cease all operations. That became a very viable option Wednesday as Goodell wouldn’t out right deny it.

“Mike, the only thing I’m going to say in regard to any of these rumors – there’s all kinds of reports – is that, you know, we’re considering a variety of different alternatives based on the court decisions,” Goodell stated. “We’ll have to do that, and we’ll be prepared to do that, and we’re going through that process.”

In other words the NFL will do whatever it deems necessary to get what they want from players in order to secure the leagues future. Considering what NFLPA lawyer Jeffery Kessler has stated about attacking the NFL Draft and other aspects of the NFL.

Yeah, it will be frustrating at first without any football, but considering the consequences of high taxes or ticket prices I’ll manage.

In the end, this isn’t just a fight between millionaires and billionaires it is a fight to keep the NFL the way we know it.