Shurmur is putting the cart before the horse


According to the Beacon Journal, via Pro Football Talk, Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur on Tuesday at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Luncheon Club called the trade with the Atlanta Falcons “probably one of the greatest trades in draft history.”

Shurmur is clearly putting the cart before the horse.

For it to be one of the greatest trades ever the trade has to work out so well in the Browns favor, and right now that isn’t even close as they haven’t even played a down. Right now the gold standard is the “The Great Train Robbery” where Dallas Cowboys running back Herschel Walker was traded to the Minnesota Vikings for a slew of picks and players. The trade landed the Cowboys Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith, five time Pro Bowl safety Darren Woodson and wide receiver Alvin Harper who was the second wide receiver during the Cowboys first two Superbowls in the 1990s.

This past April the Browns received an extra second round and fourth round draft pick that resulted in wide receiver Greg Little (59th overall) and running back Owen Mareric, along with an extra first round and second round pick in 2012.

So, that means the Browns would have to hit big time on Little and their first round pick to even justify it.

As for the Atlanta Falcons, who traded up for to take wide receiver Julio Jones, Jones would have to turn into a Pro Bowl wide receiver and help them get to the NFC Conference Championship game and the Superbowl.

In the end, only time will tell on how this trade will measure out in the history of the National Football League Draft.

The pressure is on


Imagine two people player poker and both players put some cards down and get their replacements. Then instead of just checking one player goes all in.

Now, the other player is thinking is he bluffing or does he actually have a good hand? In this case the guy that just went all in isn’t just bluffing he is holding a royal flush.

That in essence is the situation in Minnesota as the Vikings with Tuesday press conference announcing that Ramsey County will be the site of their new stadium has put all the pressure on the Minnesota State government.

The Vikings have a royal flush in hand as if a deal isn’t reached by the end of the current legislative season they will just simply move to Los Angeles after the 2011 regular season as it looks like a new stadium will build a new stadium once they have a new team. Thus, any which way Vikings owner Zygi Wilf wins.

So, now the Minnesota State government has two choices. First, pass a stadium bill and give the Vikings what they want. The other option would be do nothing at all and watch the Vikings move.

In the end, don’t worry people of the Minnesota State government its not like there are hundred of jobs and thousands of dollars in tax revenue on the line.