Brees story only more proof


For many years former National Football League players from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and earlier have been asking for the NFLPA to address their health care and pension needs.

Yahoo’s story on New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is only further proof that some current players make way to much.

According to the New Orleans Times Picayune, via Yahoo Sports, Brees will pay for the costs for the involuntary three day workout and that includes Tulane University’s staff helping out, imsurance and lodging for younger players. It is estimated that the entire cost will be in the five figure range.

Just the mere fact that Brees has enough money to hold a three game camp for 37 players from the 2010 Saints roster  shows that a lot of players they can afford to give up some of the money they currently get from owners.

In the end, until current players help out retired players stories like this one doesn’t mean a darn

A class act


Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward has the right to be mad after getting mistakenly handcuffed at gunpoint by police. That is not the case with Ward’s comments about the situation.

It just goes to show Ward is a class act.

According to Pro Football Talk, Ward wrote on his Facebook page, “The incident in the news that involved me getting pulled over. I want everyone to know that this was a complete misunderstanding,” Ward wrote. “The police were just doing their job. Apologies were made and it’s now in the past. Moving forward.”

Ward’s comments are understandable as the whole thing is the fault of the drive he was with.

The incident occurred as the female driver reported her car stolen after an incident with valet, and forgot to tell police she got the vehicle back. So, when police ran the license plate on the car, after she probably got pulled over for speeding or something similar, the report of her car being stolen came up. So, the police assumed that the Ward and his friend were the thieves.

If anybody, Ward should be mad at his friend for not reporting to the police that she got her car back. Seriously, how the hell do you forget that you reported your car stolen? If it were me I would sure the hell report to the police that I got my car back just to make sure something stupid like this doesn’t  happen.

In the end, Ward needs to get some smarter friends as this one is just a complete airhead.