Finally that S.O.B. is dead


Sunday night brought news that many Americans have been waiting for for almost 10 years now.

That being that son of a bitch Osama Bin Laden is dead!!!!!!!!

For the first time in days I returned home to stay the night after my wife gave birth to our third child Friday. After  putting the kids to bed I hopped on my computer to play a game on Then my wife called me up to tell me that someone was killed, but for whatever reason my wife had a hard time saying it and I couldn’t figure it out what she was saying.

So, I figured if it was big news it would be right there on Well that would prove to be correct as right there before my eyes was that Bin Laden was dead and the President would be on soon to talk about it.

Well, as we all would eventually find out that not only was Bin Laden was dead we also captured his body. A blow that no doubt will be felt throughout Al Qaeda and its branches as their founder is now dead.

In the end, if you want to live a long life don’t screw with the United States, because when you do your fate is at the end of a U.S. military rifle in your face.