More evidence players think their crap smells like roses


Well we all have heard time after time the huge egos that current National Football League players have.

Well here is more evidence NFL players thinks their crap smells like roses.

According to the Chicago Tribune, via Pro Football Talk, in a interview with 86 year old former NFL player Sherman Howard the first thing current players bring up when talking to retired NFL players is how much money they make.

They are not receptive to the older fellows,” said Howard, who played halfback for the Cleveland Browns and New York Yanks in the late 1940s and early ’50s and later taught for 32 years in Chicago. “They think finances is the main thing. The first thing they say is: ‘How much did you make?’ Well, that’s not the point.”

Howard has it right the first thing that players should be asking is details about what made them great. Instead we got a bunch of spoiled brats walking around thinking that even the old guys made a boat load of money.

It has been pretty evident that a lot of the current players have their heads so far up their rears it would take until next year to get it out from the way they have treated pension and health care issues of retired players.

People care about retired players, because they are old, cannot take care of themselves due to health issues, made jack squat when they player and get jack squat from their pensions. Compared to current players they made peanuts. For example, practice squad players on current teams make $30 thousand a year and that is more than even some of the top players did back in the day.

In the end, the players are fighting a battle that they just cannot win.

NFLPA needs to learn


The National Football League Players Association has taken to the court to lift the current lockout placed by NFL owners to gain leverage once negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement commences, but are fighting a losing battle.

Simply, the NFLPA needs to learn how to conduct a better labor battle.

Here in Buffalo Kaleida Health union workers CWA 1168 contract expired on May 31st, but they are still on the job. However, negotiations have been tough and on June 17th will start an informational picket outside Women and Children’s Hospital Of Buffalo.

The NFLPA could learn a thing or two from this as CWA 1168 are only starting to take action after three and a half months of negotiations. The NFLPA negotiated for two weeks and then decertified and sued the NFL. Since then only a couple of mediated sessions have taken place.

Yes, I know that there were circumstances like the NFLPA would have to wait six months to file an antitrust lawsuit if they didn’t decertify before the expiration of the last CBA. However, what the NFL is doing is downright illegal as they are abusing the law for their own personal gain.

The thing is though if they handled it another way people may actually be on their side. To do that all the NFLPA had to do was keep extending the current year that would allow CBA negotiations going. Yes, the NFLPA would of had to give up some money, but they would have gained a lot in the form of other amenities like lifetime health care, which was offered in March by NFL owners.

In the end, NFL players will be kicking themselves when they look back on this, because if they gave a little they would have gained a whole lot.


AEG and Rogers can forget about the Bills


Another potential buyer for the Buffalo Bills emerged Thursday as the Wall Street Journal reports that Doubleline Capital founder and former Trust Co. West manager Jeffery Gundlach is interested in buying the Bills.

The news clearly states that AEG and Rogers Communication can forget about buying the Buffalo Bills.

Both AEG and Rogers Communication in the past have expressed interest in purchasing the team. However, as time goes on that is starting to become less and less likely as many former Buffalonians are coming to the rescue.

This is one of those examples as Gundlach isn’t just interested in buying the Bills as an investment as the purchase is personal to him.

“It’s not an investment,” he said. “It’s because I love the Bills.”

Will Gundlach end up buying the team who knows, but what is for sure is that once the time comes for the Bills to be sold someone who is originally from Buffalo or has some kind of tie to the area emerge to save the team.

In the end, AEG and Rogers Communication can go suck a lemon, because the Bills will always remain in Buffalo.


Father time is catching up


Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning has undergone a surgery on his neck.

With this being the second time in 15 months it is clear father time is catching up to the elder Manning.

This time around the surgery is to repair a problem with a disk. The first one was to alleviate a problem that was causing a pinched nerve in one of Manning’s shoulders.

It was clear to ESPN’s Ron Jaworski that Manning lost a little bit of velocity on his throws. That leads me to believe that Manning is trying to find every avenue possible to gain back his arm strength. The reason being problems with one’s neck can lead to muscle weakness or numbness in parts of the body.

What the real problem is for Manning is that he is 35 years old and has been to the Superbowl twice in his career. In other years there have been several AFC Championship games as well as multiple games in the divisional rounds.

In the end, Manning has played in a lot of post season football games and finally all of those beatings are starting to show.

American Idol vindicates NFL


Many people feel that the National Football League over protects its players, especially quarterbacks.

With what unfolded on American Idol Tuesday the NFL is now vindicated.

Early on Tuesday TMZ reported that American Idol Finalist Lauren Alaina lost her voice and would most likely have to drop out of the finals. Well that didn’t happen as a doctor froze her throat and performed Tuesday.

What this incident shows is that no matter the competition when there is something on the line people will only look at the short term goal and not the long term picture.

In this case there is a good possibility that Alaina damaged her vocal cords from performing Tuesday all in the name of winning a competition. The thing is many of the contestants go on to get a chance in the music industry if they are in the top five.

For example, rocker Chris Daughtry is the most commercially successful artist of the show and he only placed fourth in the competition. A couple more examples who have had solid careers who haven’t won are Clay Aiken, Kellie Pickler and Bucky Covington.

Simply, what she is doing is just down right stupid, because even if she doesn’t make it in the music industry there are other options like Broadway as many have transitioned to musicals and have been successful like Constantine Maroulis.

In the end, rules like the NFL have are necessary, because people simply cannot help themselves as name recognition is the ultimate prize.

Saints sellout is shocking


With no new collective bargaining agreement in sight many teams are struggling to sell season tickets this year.

That is essentially what makes the New Orleans Saints announcement just down right shocking.

According to the New Orleans Times Picayune, via Pro Football Talk, the Saints have announced that they have sold out the entire 2011 season. The thing is the Superdome isn’t a small venue as it houses 73,000 fans, so that feat in a time where there is doubt about football says a lot.

What it says is how much the Saints mean to that community as no matter how bad things get. That was obvious after Hurricane Katrina as the people of New Orleans packed the Superdome to welcome their team back after having to play a year in San Antonio, TX.

In the end, it would be nice to have football this year, but the way it is going don’t count on it as National Football League Players Association has their head stuck way up their rear.

Courts have no jurisdiction over lockout


Many people who have followed the National Football League’s labor problem have heard of a couple things that can confuse people.

To put it simple one federal law prohibits courts from having any jurisdiction over labor disputes.

Think of all the times you hear on the local news about a labor union striking over work conditions in an agreement. Haven’t you ever wonder why labor unions or businesses haven’t taken the problem to court?

The answer is they can’t due to the Norris-Laguardia Act that was passed in 1932. The reason being the law specifically prohibits court from intervening in peaceful labor negotiations.

Before the law was passed businesses were going to court constantly to seek injunctions to breakup strikes that would kill the momentum the union built up.

So, when judge Nelson ruled on the lockout she over stepped her jurisdiction on the NFL lockout. That was actually the exact wording the Eighth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals gave when ruling on the NFL’s request of a temporary stay of Nelson’s ruling.

You can expect both the Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court to rule against the players, because if they ruled on the player side they be trampling on the rights of business and tip the scale in favor of all employees everywhere. .

In the end, as my government college professor would say, “Our country is a nation of laws; not a nation of justice.

Manning needs to face the music


Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is one of the plaintiffs in the National Football League Players Association antitrust lawsuit against NFL owners and since then has acted like a hermit out in the middle of nowhere.

The fact of the matter is Manning needs to face the music.

Manning didn’t allow cameras or reporters at players only workouts held somewhere in Indianapolis. However, that is not the disturbing thing as Manning made several demands before an appearance at Pop Warner football football event in Brocton, MA. Those demands included no reporters, no cameras and nobody to publicize the event before hand or he might not show.

Really? Two word for you buddy….GROW UP!!!

Manning is an first ballot Hall of Fame quarterback in the NFL and with that status comes constant media attention.

If he doesn’t want that type of media attention then retire. The reason being the NFL has become one of the premier forms of entertainment in America next to movies and quarterback is the most important position on a NFL team. So, naturally the best are going to get tons of attention.

In the end, it just goes to show how much of self-centered egotistical jerk Manning really is.



Its going to be up to the three Musketeers


The Buffalo Bills didn’t address the pass rush in last April’s National Football League.

That means it is up to the Three Musketeers to provide the Bills pass rush.

Obviously, the first guy in line is outside linebacker Shawne Merriman as earlier in his career he was a force to be reckoned with. However, injuries have side tracked him the last two years.

Next would be fellow outside linebacker arthur Moats who stepped in late last year and showed a lot of promise. Most likely he will be given the chance to compete with starting outside linebacker Chris Kelsay.

Finally, there is outside linebacker Aaron Maybin. So far, he has been a big disappointment as last year he wasn’t even on the active roster at times.

However, he is good friend with Merriman and with now being teammates Maybin could eventually develop into a capable starter.

In the end, all three will get their time on the field as football is a brutal sport it will be a matter of being prepared that will make or break the pass rush.

Smith better be careful


National Football League Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith was a guest speaker at the University of Maryland’s commencement ceremony.

After reading what Smith said he better be careful.

When Barrack Obama was elected President of the United States it showed that night that young people are realizing the power that the media wields. Unfortunately, Smith never got that memo.

Smith at the ceremony antagonized students there by stating that he wants football too. The fact is though  if he really wanted that to happen he wouldn’t be standing there giving the speech in the first place.

Smith’s first responsibility is getting the best deal possible for the NFLPA and the better the deal the more likely he will be reelected executive director of the NFLPA. Second would be to accomplish the first by any means possible and that includes lying to the press to get tehme

In the end, people aren’t stupid and the longer this takes the more likely things will turn ugly.