Forget about a OLB


Many National Football League Draft experts had the Buffalo Bills taking outside linebacker Von Miller third overall Thursday.

As it turns Bills fans can forget about the team taking an outside linebacker all together.

Two things Bills general manager Buddy Nix stated in a press conference after they picked defensive tackle Marcell Dareus that reaffirmed to me that they don’t view outside linebacker as a position of need were that they don’t have that many positions of need as people may think and that if Darues wasn’t there they would have considered quarterback heavily there.

So, what does that mean for their second round pick?

What it means is that their will most likely be two positions in play. Them being quarterback with Andy Dalton Colin Kapernick and Ryan Mallet on the board and inside linebacker since no inside linebacker has been taken at all so far.

In the end, if the Bills do go defense again you have to like their chances at being one of the best in National Football League for years to come with assistant head coach and inside linebackers coach Dave Wannstedt in charge.


Third round very important for Bills


Many Buffalo Bills fans are looking forward to today’s Nation Football League Draft’s second round with great anticipation as they pick second today 34th overall.

However, the third round is just as important this year.

The Bills pick fourth, 68th overall, in the third round and that means the Bills could still get someone that could have an immediate impact with the team. The best example is Jonas Jennings who was picked in the third round, 95th overall, of the 2001 NFL Draft. Jennings started at left tackle from day one for the Bills and had talent, but was injured so much that the Bills couldn’t justify resigning him for the money that he wanted.

Since then the Bills have had moderate success with picks in the third round as they made some impacts, but just not have turned out to be homers. The one exception could be guard Andy Levitre who the Bills traded up back into the second round to pick.

That could be the case this year as the Bills have an extra fourth round draft pick this year from trading running back Marshawn Lynch to the Seattle Seahawks.

In the end, this year’s Draft for the Bills is either going to give them the final pieces they need to get to the playoffs or set them back for several years to come.

Dareus and Williams will present problems


With the Buffalo Bills taking defensive tackle Marcell Dareus third overall Thursday the team has has a pair of versatile defensive lineman that can play multiple  positions.

In other words the pair present a bunch of problems for teams.

With versatile lineman that can play either the 3-4 or 4-3 you can expect head coach Chan Gailey and assistant head coach and inside linebackers coach Dave Wannstedt to have the pair shift and move all over the line of scrimmage. That means you can expect the Bills to shift their alignment right before a snap like many offenses do. In other words the defense could be in a 3-4 look and then immediately shift into a 4-3 look.

Also, you can expect the pair, along with fellow defensive lineman Torell Troup and Dwan Edwards to flip flop positions. In other words on one down Williams may be at defensive end with Dareus over the nose and Edwards at the other end position, then on the next down Edwards could be over the nose with Williams and Dareus at the end positions. This would especially be the case of the three were Williams, Dareus and Troup as all three could play any position.

In the end, even the New England Patriots are going to start having nightmares on how to block the Bills defensive line.

Doing that will screw up a lot of offenses, because even if the offense is prepared for it if the defense shifts right before a snap the offense will then have to either burn a timeout or stick with a bad play. If a team sticks with a bad play they run the risk of a defender coming in cleanly due to a lack of communication, especially on a pass play.