Nelson is an idiot


Minnesota Federal Judge Susan Nelson issued a ruling today that lifted the National Football League’s lockout of the players.

From what is being reported on the contents of the ruling, Nelson is clearly an idiot.

According to Pro Football Talk, Nelson in her ruling cited the public interest as a reason for lifting the lockout. The last time I checked the United States Judicial System was a series of laws not series of justice. Pretty much her ruling is like convicting someone of a crime, because the people said so.

Clearly, as much research as she did on the subject it wasn’t enough. If Nelson would have done her homework from previous legal disputes between the NFL and players she would see that the desertification of by the NFLPA is a sham as the NFLPA will reform once this is settled.

The thing is this fight isn’t far from over as the NFL will appeal the ruling to theĀ  Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. Most likely the case will go before the Supreme Court.

In the end, it is a sad day for the court system.

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