Why I will always be a NFL fan first


The National Hockey League to many in Buffalo has supplanted the Buffalo Bills in popularity due to their success in getting to the playoffs in recent years.

However, I will always be a National Football League fan first.

What happened to Sabres center Tim Connolly Sunday is just one of the numerous examples that makes me sick when watching the NHL. Connolly literally had his head smashed into the boards by Philadelphia Flyers captain Mike Richards, but since it is playoff time in the NHL Richards only got two minutes. On top of that Richards will most likely be playing in game seven.

If  this was any other sports league Richards would have been tossed from the game and would be suspended for the next several games. However, this is the NHL and with Colin Campbell serving as the league’s main disciplinarian crap like this will always go on, because players have to police the game themselves.

The problem is that with the instigator rule that can’t happen as, especially in the playoffs, because the opposition will get a power play and several of those will result in a suspension.

In the end, unless the government steps in and holds the NHL accountable someone is going to die on the ice soon.