This month has been a doozy


Many other parents are constantly on the go, but fortunately for me I haven’t really had to deal with it until now.

Simply, this month has been a doozy.

I have two reporting classes and that right there takes up a lot of my free time in between classes. The reason being it takes about two to three hours to edit footage down to about two minutes. That doesn’t even include having to go out and shoot the footage.

Well last night my partner and I had some fun last night trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with the computer we were trying to edit footage on. The thing is we were stuck on that computer as we didn’t have a camera and that computer was one of the few that had a HDV tape deck attached to it.

What happened is that on that computer somehow the settings were all messed up. What made it more difficult is that the computers in Savage Hall at Buffalo Sate are Apples. So, for a person that uses Windows everyday is like trying to put some toy together using a instruction manual printed out in Spanish.

Add in the competitiveness with in the broadcast industry and you have one hectic job.

In the end, what makes it great is seeing all that hard work live and come to life.