Miller shouldn’t be untouchable


It has been debated right up until the start of the National Hockey League Playoffs whether Buffalo Sabres goalie should be pulled if he is having a bad game.

Well he shouldn’t be as it isn’t about goalies anymore.

Game two against the Philadelphia Flyers showed that it isn’t just about the goalie, but the team’s performance as a whole. In game one the team was solid and the Sabres earned a shutout win. However, in game two they took a bunch of boneheaded penalties and it cost the the game.

The thing it shouldn’t have come to that as at some point Miller should have been pulled to send a message. The Sabres can afford to with a solid backup goaltender in Jonas Enroth.

However, Sabres head coach Lindy Ruff stuck with Miller and ultimately lost the game.

In the end, if Ruff ever wants to win a Stanley Cup as a head coach he needs to keep all his options open.

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