Will Mallet heed some good advice


Pro Football Talk today pointed out that Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallet got some great advice from golfer John Daly, who is an Arkansas alum like like ESPN’s Jon Gruden, who sat in on Gruden’s QB Camp.

The question is will Mallet heed Daly’s advice.

Gruden asked Daly if he has any advice for Mallet on managing his life and said this.

“The first thing I wish I would have done was that instead of worrying about how to handle everyone else, how do I handle me? I did a horrible job.  I wasn’t ready for it,” Daly said.  “I think the most important thing for Ryan is how he handles himself.  Whether it’s an interview or whatever, listen to the question before you answer it.”

“Some of the things you are going to do off the field, think about the responsibilities.  Because I’ve learned the hard way,” Daly said. “It’s not about your talent anymore. It’s about what you do with it.”

Simply, nobody can say it better than that, because that is the situation with rookies entering the National Football League for the first time. The NFL Draft isn’t about how good a player will be in the NFL it is about how talented they are and how their talents will translate to the NFL.

However, there is one factor that no scout can really measure and that is a player’s desire to succeed.  That is the reason why players that go undrafted succeed in the NFL.

In the end, Mallet has all the talent in the world physically, but what will make him or break him is what will go on in between his ears.

Some good news for once


It is very rare to hear a positive story about a National Football League player doing something good with the money that he has earned playing in the NFL.

Well today is that rare day as coming out of Alabama is some good news about a NFL player.

According to Pro Football Talk, the University of Alabama has announced that former Crimson Tide and current Houston Texans linebacker Demarco Ryans has donated $300 thousand to the school to endow a scholarship for a football student athlete that is attending the Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration.

It is nice to see a player giving back to the school that gave him a chance to make the NFL. You see athletes make donations all the time to children’s hospitals and other sorts of charities, but not to schools. Now, don’t get me wrong I am not saying that they aren’t deserving of the money. What I am saying is that there are other charities and families that sometimes get left out in the cold.

For example, a lot of times when there are budget problems with the government schools raise tuition and that makes it harder for students from lower income families to attend school. If they do when they are done they leave school with a mountain of student loans to help pay for books and other expenses.

In the end, if turds like Aqib Talib learn to act like Ryans their career wouldn’t be so darn short.