Breer is walking a fine line


NFL Network’s Albert Breer reported, via Pro Football Talk,  that the mediation sessions between National Football League owners and players consisted of tough fence mending talks.

The fact is Breer is walking a fine line with this one.

Minnesota Federal Judge Susan Nelson ordered the mediation sessions and also ordered that both sides not talk about it at all. The fact is this isn’t the last set of talks where there were no real consequences. This is court and when a judge says something you do it.

That means not only is there consequences for the person and party who is blabbing there are also serious consequences for the reporter who is reporting it. That is in the form of jail time for refusal to give up a source. Many do as giving up a source would make you look untrustworthy and that usually leads to sources not likely wanting to talk to you.

In the end, unless Breer got assurances that he can give up who is source is to the court Breer should have kept his mouth shut and just sit on the story.