NFLPA better wakeup


The National Football League Players Association has been reluctant to help retired players with problems stemming from their playing days.

Well they better wakeup, because if they don’t address it they will become part of it as well.

The latest retired player to admit to memory problems is Hall of Fame Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw.

Bradshaw admits in a column he wrote on, via Pro Football Talk, that he suffers from short term memory loss and hand eye coordination. He is also the second quarterback this week to admit the same problems as on Monday former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon admitted to suffering short term memory loss as well.

The thing is a brain cal rewire itself for a while after some damage has been dealt to it. However, after a while the repair breaks down as well.

That means huge medical bills as eventually they will need skill care from nurses being brought in the home or being placed in a nursing home. That costs money and with many health insurances not willing to cover problems from football careers nursing bills can start piling up.

In the end, current players better take their heads out of their asses and start fighting to solve these guys problems, because if they don’t in 20 years they will be apart of the problem as well.

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