Some tough news for my family


My wife and I are expecting our third child this coming July.

This past Tuesday my wife and I learned some tough news about the baby.

That news is two fold with the first being the umbilical cord for my son has only one artery most umbilical cords have two arteries. Only one percent of babies born yearly have this case.

Usually, that leads to heart problems and mental problems.

Secondly, the placenta isn’t attached correctly to the uterine wall of my wife. That means the baby isn’t getting the proper nutrition it needs. My wife is 26 weeks and the baby is suppose to be around two pounds, but as of right now he is only one pound.

Fortunately, we went to a pediatric cardiologist the same day and he said the heart looks fine.

That leaves a chromosome defect or something with the placenta. My wife was tested early for a the possibility of a mental defect and it was low, but obviously they are being safe.

My worry of course is the placenta as if it were to become unattached it could mean the baby suffocating to death. Fortunately, my wife doesn’t work so she can get lots of rest.

I know that the baby will be fine, because even though he is small he is raising all sorts of hell by kicking and moving constantly.

In the end, no matter what challenge life gives you meet it head on for if it doesn’t kill you don’t worry about it.

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