Ball is in the NFLPA’s court


Both the National Football League and the NFLPA offered to resume mediation in a desired setting of their own.

However, the ball is in the NFLPA’s court after the NFL made a good faith offer.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter broke the news that the NFL would like to resume collective bargaining negotiations in Washington D.C. and in the offer was the assurance that the negotiations between the NFL and the NFLPA executive committee wouldn’t be used in court. Of course the NFLPA sent a letter stating that it would like to meet in mediation with Minnesota Federal Judge Susan Nelson in settlement talks.

The thing is though the indemnify offer is a big issue as it sends the message to the NFLPA and the court they don’t care about the case we just want to get something done. Simply, it is sending the message to the court that they are bending over backwards for them, but they are being completely stubborn and irrational.

The thing is it may not make a difference to Nelson as she seems to wrapped up in making a big splash and using this to get on the Supreme court. Where it will make a difference is in the appeals process where, as Pro Football Talk explained, a panel of three judges decide on if it warrants a rehearing in front of the full court.

Then at that point a pattern of behavior will be evident and right now the actions of the NFL is that of a party willing to do something to get it done while the NFLPA is that of hard headed five year old that is refusing to do what he is told to by his parents.

In the end, if the NFLPA doesn’t wake up they will lose this labor battle badly.