Let them keep em


According to the Florida Times-Union, via Pro Football Talk, Jets backup quarterback Mark Brunell, is hoping that he doesn’t lose his rings in bankruptcy court.

Simply, bankruptcy court  should allow the players to keep their memorabilia.

Even though there may be a market value for the rings the reality is that memorabilia from a playing career is priceless. They are memories of some of the greatest moments in one’s lifetime and to rip them away from a current or former player is just down right heartless.

I know we have responsibilities to pay back the people we owe money too. However, at some point in time there need to be a little common sense.

We are a nation of second chances and usually we have to pay a penalty for the first mistake. To me having to give up priceless memories is just too much.

In the end, hopefully Brunnell’s debt restructuring plan works, because if it doesn’t he will most likely lose those rings.

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