When hell freezes over


On ESPN 103.3 in Dallas Tuesday, via Pro Football Talk, Dallas Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett went on to advocate a quarterback competition for the starters position.

Considering the circumstances, that will happen when hell freezes over.

Bennett on the Ben and Skin show went on to profess how much he loved playing with backup Jon Kitna.

“I loved playing with Kitna,” Bennett said “Kitna is one of my favorite people to play with. Just being out there on the field with that guy just makes you play even harder. He made some things happen in limited time, so I think if he got a longer chance, he’d be able to do more.”

Well there is one little problem Romo is scheduled to be paid nine million base salary in 2011 and 2012. There is now way Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will allow someone he paid a ton of money to bench warmer.

The real reason why Bennett is professing his love for Kitna is that he had his best season last year with Kitna at the helm as he caught 33 passes for 260 yards. Of the passes that he caught 20 of them came from Kitna after week 6 when Romo went down for the year.

In the end, the real reason that Bennett raving for Kitna is because he knows he will get a bigger pay day with him at the helm.