Vrabel’s arrest doesn’t make sense


Like many other National Football League fans I was very much surprised by the news that Kansas City Chiefs outside linebacker Mike Vrabel was arrested for theft.

After hearing what Vrabel was arested for in Indiana, his arrest makes no sense at all.

According to KMBC9 in Kansas City, via Pro Football Talk, Vrabel was arrested after walking out of a casino deli without paying for eight bottles of beer. Really, he got arrested for eight bottles of beer. I think Vrabel has more than enough money to pay for it.

What it sounds like is a cop or a 4-9, which means security sense they are one less than a 5-0, being a jerk and enforcing the law to the letter. Police officers have their hands full already with budget cuts the last thing they need to deal with is a guy being arrested over a case of beer.

A factor could be that Vrabel was given a line of credit by the casino and security wasn’t informed of it.

What should have happened is security should have asked him if he is going to pay for the beer. From there security should have confirmed or deny Vrabel’s explanation with the end result either being walking away after his story was confirmed, paying for the beer or putting it back.

In the end, the only thing it does is make the casino look bad as it sends a message that they don’t know how to treat guests.