Greedy S.O.B.s


Like many other National Football League fans I view the National Football League Players Association as bunch of greedy people looking to maintain a way of life.

However, after what was reported Thursday the best way to describe them is a bunch of greedy S.O.B.s.

On March 1st of this year Judge David Doty ruled against NFL owners in the lockout insurance case and deferred to a later date as whether payments should be blocked or damage should be awarded. At that time the players strategy were to block the payments.

Well that apparently has changed as according to the Sports Business Journal, via Pro Football Talk, the NFLPA will be asking for substantial damages instead. So, now it is just not enough to stop the owners from getting their loan they also have to stick it to them now. In essence the players want their cake and eat it too.

That would probably be the stupidest move the NFLPA could make as it will only extend the lockout. The reason being that owners will try to compensate for the loss by requesting higher amount of credit than they offered and that will only prolong collective bargaining negotiations.

In the end, whoever is really in control of the NFLPA needs to be fired as they are looking more and more like a bunch of horses rears.




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