Lion’s transparency is refreshing


Many National Football League teams are pretty secretive when it comes to NFL draft prospects being brought in for visits. That way another team that drafts after them doesn’t trade up to take their guy.

The Detroit Lions transparency on the matter is quite refreshing.

According to the Detroit Free Press, via Pro Football Talk, the Lions announced that they were visited by Aldon Smith of Missouri, Mikel Leshoure of Illinois and DeMarco Murray of Oklahoma. What makes this newsworthy is that the Lions announced this on their website after many years of hiding visits.

It makes no sense to me why teams try to hide their visits, because everyone finds out anyways. The NFL has become very hard for teams to keep a lid on news coming from their team as the NFL has become so popular and people want to know the latest happenings of their favorite team.

In the end, it isn’t secrecy that will bring a Superbowl Championship to a team it is hard work and nailing their draft picks.

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