Forget about a OLB


Many National Football League Draft experts had the Buffalo Bills taking outside linebacker Von Miller third overall Thursday.

As it turns Bills fans can forget about the team taking an outside linebacker all together.

Two things Bills general manager Buddy Nix stated in a press conference after they picked defensive tackle Marcell Dareus that reaffirmed to me that they don’t view outside linebacker as a position of need were that they don’t have that many positions of need as people may think and that if Darues wasn’t there they would have considered quarterback heavily there.

So, what does that mean for their second round pick?

What it means is that their will most likely be two positions in play. Them being quarterback with Andy Dalton Colin Kapernick and Ryan Mallet on the board and inside linebacker since no inside linebacker has been taken at all so far.

In the end, if the Bills do go defense again you have to like their chances at being one of the best in National Football League for years to come with assistant head coach and inside linebackers coach Dave Wannstedt in charge.


Third round very important for Bills


Many Buffalo Bills fans are looking forward to today’s Nation Football League Draft’s second round with great anticipation as they pick second today 34th overall.

However, the third round is just as important this year.

The Bills pick fourth, 68th overall, in the third round and that means the Bills could still get someone that could have an immediate impact with the team. The best example is Jonas Jennings who was picked in the third round, 95th overall, of the 2001 NFL Draft. Jennings started at left tackle from day one for the Bills and had talent, but was injured so much that the Bills couldn’t justify resigning him for the money that he wanted.

Since then the Bills have had moderate success with picks in the third round as they made some impacts, but just not have turned out to be homers. The one exception could be guard Andy Levitre who the Bills traded up back into the second round to pick.

That could be the case this year as the Bills have an extra fourth round draft pick this year from trading running back Marshawn Lynch to the Seattle Seahawks.

In the end, this year’s Draft for the Bills is either going to give them the final pieces they need to get to the playoffs or set them back for several years to come.

Dareus and Williams will present problems


With the Buffalo Bills taking defensive tackle Marcell Dareus third overall Thursday the team has has a pair of versatile defensive lineman that can play multiple  positions.

In other words the pair present a bunch of problems for teams.

With versatile lineman that can play either the 3-4 or 4-3 you can expect head coach Chan Gailey and assistant head coach and inside linebackers coach Dave Wannstedt to have the pair shift and move all over the line of scrimmage. That means you can expect the Bills to shift their alignment right before a snap like many offenses do. In other words the defense could be in a 3-4 look and then immediately shift into a 4-3 look.

Also, you can expect the pair, along with fellow defensive lineman Torell Troup and Dwan Edwards to flip flop positions. In other words on one down Williams may be at defensive end with Dareus over the nose and Edwards at the other end position, then on the next down Edwards could be over the nose with Williams and Dareus at the end positions. This would especially be the case of the three were Williams, Dareus and Troup as all three could play any position.

In the end, even the New England Patriots are going to start having nightmares on how to block the Bills defensive line.

Doing that will screw up a lot of offenses, because even if the offense is prepared for it if the defense shifts right before a snap the offense will then have to either burn a timeout or stick with a bad play. If a team sticks with a bad play they run the risk of a defender coming in cleanly due to a lack of communication, especially on a pass play.

Bear with me please


Well yesterday was a tough day for me as my wife was admitted to Children’s Hospital for close monitoring.

So, in the next couple of days please bear with me.

What is happening is that there have been complications from my wife’s pregnancy and the doctors need to keep a close eye on her for the baby’s sake. At almost 31 weeks the baby is smaller than it is suppose to be, due to the placenta not working well and there only being one artery in the umbilical cord when there is suppose to be two.

Now, there is back flow in the umbilical artery, so they have to watch the baby closely in case something happens.

In the end, I will work hard to get posts up still.


Sabres crap the bed


The Buffalo Sabres season ended Tuesday night as the Philadelphia Flyers beat them in game seven by a score of 5-2.

Simply, the Sabres crapped the bed.

People from here on out will call all the talk shows and say they were overmatched and that the Flyers had more talent. The truth is that is all a bunch of crap just to rationalize the loss.

There is no excuse for the loss or even the Sabres not showing up at all. They are a relatively young team, but a lot of these guys have been in big situations before at lower levels. Also, Sabres general manager Darcy Regier brought in guys like forward Mike Grier and center Rob Niedermayer to help lead them.

Still that wasn’t enough, because they aren’t the fiery leader that will hold people accountable or pump up his guys and get them ready for the task at hand.

In the end, the next move that Regier has to make is to get a real leader that won’t be fazed by any of the situations he will face.

More reason to not want Newton


Many National Football League fans are not fond of Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, because he appears to be a project quarterback since he played in a simplified offense.

Well those people now have some more ammunition.

According to Pro Football Talk, NFL Network’s Mike Mayock isn’t sure about how great Newton wants to be. The thing is Mayock has become one of the more respected people in the media when it comes to analyzing the NFL Draft.

What makes this noteworthy is that a person’s desire to succeed in the National Football League has to be high, because it is the best of the best and to be the best you have to train like the best. A example of this is monumental NFL Draft bust Buffalo Bills offensive tackle Mike Williams who was very talented, but was very lazy and didn’t have the desire to succeed.

Desire is also what makes Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as great as they are.

In the end, if there is any doubt on Newton’s desire then that team needs to pass one him.

Nelson is an idiot


Minnesota Federal Judge Susan Nelson issued a ruling today that lifted the National Football League’s lockout of the players.

From what is being reported on the contents of the ruling, Nelson is clearly an idiot.

According to Pro Football Talk, Nelson in her ruling cited the public interest as a reason for lifting the lockout. The last time I checked the United States Judicial System was a series of laws not series of justice. Pretty much her ruling is like convicting someone of a crime, because the people said so.

Clearly, as much research as she did on the subject it wasn’t enough. If Nelson would have done her homework from previous legal disputes between the NFL and players she would see that the desertification of by the NFLPA is a sham as the NFLPA will reform once this is settled.

The thing is this fight isn’t far from over as the NFL will appeal the ruling to the  Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. Most likely the case will go before the Supreme Court.

In the end, it is a sad day for the court system.

Why I will always be a NFL fan first


The National Hockey League to many in Buffalo has supplanted the Buffalo Bills in popularity due to their success in getting to the playoffs in recent years.

However, I will always be a National Football League fan first.

What happened to Sabres center Tim Connolly Sunday is just one of the numerous examples that makes me sick when watching the NHL. Connolly literally had his head smashed into the boards by Philadelphia Flyers captain Mike Richards, but since it is playoff time in the NHL Richards only got two minutes. On top of that Richards will most likely be playing in game seven.

If  this was any other sports league Richards would have been tossed from the game and would be suspended for the next several games. However, this is the NHL and with Colin Campbell serving as the league’s main disciplinarian crap like this will always go on, because players have to police the game themselves.

The problem is that with the instigator rule that can’t happen as, especially in the playoffs, because the opposition will get a power play and several of those will result in a suspension.

In the end, unless the government steps in and holds the NHL accountable someone is going to die on the ice soon.

Marshall got lucky this time


Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall was stabbed Friday by his girlfriend.

Considering that Marshall should fully recover in time for the start of the regular season, boy did he get lucky this time. One of the wounds was to Marshall’s abdomen and those can be fatal in the right spot.

The troubling thing is that this isn’t just a one time thing as Marshall has had trouble with his girlfriend for a while. One could say that the death of former teammate Darrent Williams is the cause for all this as it was Marshall and his cousin that got into it with a couple of gang members in a club while celebrating the New Year holiday.

Marshall clearly is in need of mental help as there are some long lingering mental issues that haven’t been resolved.

In the end, if Marshall doesn’t get help sooner or later he could meet his maker a lot sooner than he wants to.

Could Brad’s NFL Draft nightmare come true?


The National Football League Draft is coming up Thursday and one of the reports that has been out there for a while is that the Buffalo Bills covet Auburn quarterback Cam Newton. There is one person that is not fond of that idea and that is WECK’s host/program director Brad Riter.

The thing is could Brad’s worst NFL Draft nightmare come true?

That is a distinct possibility as WGR 550 is reporting that former Saint Louis Rams and Carolina Panthers executive, who works for 101ESPN in Saint Louis, stated in a video podcast on that the Panthers will pass on the quarterbacks, because they are in desperate need of defensive lineman.

Brad cited as his reasoning that Newton needs to learn all the little details that some college quarterbacks have already been exposed to in pro-style offenses. He is right in that regard as in ESPN’s “QB Camp” Newton revealed that plays at Auburn  just had a number before it and no play call to it.

Yes, Newton would be a project that would take two or three years to get ready before he ever starts, but it is not impossible. Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid has molded quarterback Mike Vick into one best quarterbacks in the NFL right now and with the Bills having another great quarterback teacher in Chan Gailey Newton would do fine if drafted.

In the end, if Gailey cannot get Newton to be a star in the NFL nobody ever will.