Time for Pennington to hang them up


National Football League quarterback Chad Pennington has no luck when it comes to injuries, which hasn’t deterred him yet from playing.

Well it is definitely now time to quit.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, via Pro Football Talk, Pennington tore an anterior cruciate ligament in one of his knees while playing in a pickup basketball game. It only adds to the long list of injuries that Pennington has suffered as at the time he was coming back from shoulder surgery.

It is not surprising as I remember former Buffalo Bills cornerback Nate Odoms tore one of his ACL’s ina pickup basketball game as well after he just signed with the Seattle Seahawks. I also had a cousin of mine do the same thing as well.

This is about a clear of a sign as it could be that it is time for Pennington to hang them up. His body just purely cannot take the rigors of playing in any kind of sport.

In the end, if Pennington keeps this up he could wind up like Hall of Fame running back Earl Campbell who can barely walk due to injuries he suffered during his career.