Gailey’s comments are nothing but smoke


Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey stated Tuesday at season ticket holder Tele-Forum that if the Bills were to make their pick today that they would use it on defense.

The thing is they are nothing more than a smoke screen.

People need to remember that on Monday during the State of the Bills event Gailey admitted that during this time of year a lot of people like.

“It’s not a sin to tell a lie pre-draft,” he said with a wry smile. “Everybody does it. It’s accepted. So everything you hear or read or see, you need to keep in mind that about 10 percent of it’s the truth.”

The fact of the matter is that the Bills invested heavily in front seven of the defense in the 2010 National Football League Draft as they took two defensive lineman and two linebackers. So to hear the Bills say that they like to add another pass rusher opposite of outside linebacker Shawne Merriman makes me want to laugh.

Rookie Arthur Moats recorder two sacks in four starts last year, so to waist a pick on a outside linebacker when they already have a possible stud in the making makes no sense what so ever. As for the defensive line both nose tackle Torell Troup and Alex Carrington showed promise in their limited action.

The problem with the defense was that when nose tackle Kyle Williams got doubled teamed he would get man handled and blown back into the linebackers, which forces the linebacker to have to come down the line of scrimmage instead of attacking it. To solve their run defense all they have to do is move Williams to the defensive end position and let Troup and fellow nose tackle Kellen Heard battle it out for the starting nose tackle spot.

That right there will allow the Bills to be competitive in 2011, of course that is if there is a season, and allow the Bills concentrate on depth and the future of the franchise.

The fact of the matter is quarterback has become a vital position to have and right now quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has proven to be a capable stater, but not a franchise quarterback as he has yet to prove himself in the clutch. With out a quarterback that can perform in crunch time your nothing.

In the end, the Bills would be the biggest fools in the world to pass up on a quarterback that shows the possibility of being the franchise guy for the next decade.

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