Prospects should accept


Many National Football League Draft prospects will be deciding on whether or not to accept an invitation to be in attendance at the NFL Draft in April.

If they do get a invitation prospects should accept it.

The NFLPA has been debating about setting up their own event for the Draft in order to stick it to the NFL owners. Prospects that do so would look like complete fools down the road.

The best argument that I heard for attending the Draft was 10 to 20 years down the road when their kids and grandchildren ask if they were drafted and were invited to New York for it how would they explain it? If they don’t they will look like the biggest horses ass to their kids. Most likely this would be how it would go.

“Hey dad, you played in the NFL were you drafted” son asks.

“Yes, I did get drafted,” father responds. “Matter of fact I was a first round draft pick.”

“Really, cool,” son responds. “Did you get invited to New York.”

“Yeah, I did and matter of fact I did go to New York,” father responds.

“Cool, so where are the pictures,” son asks.

“Well, the truth is I did go to New York, but just not the NFL Draft,” father explains. “I went to a event that was hosted by the NFLPA.”

“Huh, what,” son asks.

“Well there was a labor dispute, so the union that represents the players held their own event,” father responds. “So, rather than upsetĀ  my future teammates by going to the Draft I went to the other event instead.”

“Let me get this straight,” son responds. “You let some other people pressure you into something. I thought you always said make your own decisions. Hypocrite.”

Son then runs away to his room.

No amount of pressure or harassment from teammates will ever hurt as bad as letting your kids down. Your kids look up to you and you are their hero.

In the end, being on the stage after you just get your name called out by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is too big of a moment to pass up on.

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