Bills made a good move trading Peters


When the Buffalo Bills traded tackle Jason Peters in 2009 many Bills fans were wondering what the heck they were thinking.

Well it looks like the Bills made the right move.

Peters made the Pro Bowl twice, but there was always a lingering feeling that Peters was made out to be more than he actually was. Well those people were right as Peters was arrested Friday night, according to TMZ.

The thing is Peters wasn’t arrested for driving drunk, possessing drugs or assault and battery he was arrested for a loud music violation and resisting an officer. Peters got arrested for not producing his identification when asked to be a police officer. How much of a dumb schmuck do you have to be to get arrested for not giving your license to a cop for a ticket that would’ve cost less than $100.

Most likely when the cop asked Peters for his license and registration he most likely busted out the, “don’t you know who I am line.” Most likely the officer responded that he didn’t care and asked for his license again, which was of course followed up by Peters with, “I’m Jason Peters of the Philadelphia Eagles.” Of course the coup de grace that got Peters arrested was, “I ain’t giving you crap.”

Everyone knows that cops know a days are looking for every reason to arrest a high profile person for their 15 minutes of fame.

In the end, even if you are famous sigh, roll your eyes, shut up and give them you license, because arguing with a police officer won’t get you anywhere.

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