Man it has been so long


Being 31 years old I had the privilege of starting to watch the Buffalo Bills when they started their six straight year run of making the playoffs in 1988, which was also Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas’s rookie year.

After seeing a comment on WGR 550’s website I realized it has been a long time since we had a franchise quarterback.

Even though I was nine-years-old at the time I knew that when the Bills beat the New York Jets 9-6 in overtime to win the AFC East Championship it was the start of something special. Boy was I right as that year they made it all the way to the AFC Championship game that year.

Being at Buffalo State many people are 22-18 years of age and that means these kids were 3-7 and have no recollection of how it is to have a franchise quarterback. Well I thought it was about time to recall it.

During those days there was just an air of confidence, a feeling that every game the Bills played they were going to win, because Kelly and the K-gun offense was just going to rack up the score on them and win every game 45-7. Most of the time that was true, but they were human and there were those couple of game where you walked away think WTF just happened. This is the Buffalo frickin Bills with Jim Kelly, so how the hell did they lose?

Even against teams like the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants, who were two of the top teams then,you were confident. There was absolutely no doubt in your mind that the Bills were going to win.

Also, anytime the suggestion that backup Frank Reich should be the starter everyone just shoot it down. The reaction usually was like, “What are you kidding, ditch Kelly for Reich are you kidding me?” That was usually followed up with the comment that Reich isn’t nearly as talented as Kelly.

They were right of course as Kelly had by far the stronger arm and talent.

In the end, Bills fans are long over due for a franchise quarterback.