It’s crunch time for Maybin


Well it is the fourth quarter with two minutes left and Buffalo Bills outside linebacker Aaron Maybin is down by a field.

In other words this upcoming training camp is crunch time for Maybin.

According to Tim Graham of ESPN, Bills head coach Chan Gailey isn’t happy with Maybin’s development as the team has been coaching him and pointing him in the right direction, but so far “hasn’t shown it in practice or in games.”

To Maybin’s defense he has had to learn a whole new position as the Bills switch to a 3-4 defense in 2010. However, this will be Maybin’s second year in the same defense, so he should show some signs of development.

At least Maybin now knows that it is put up or shut up time, because if he doesn’t improve he will find himself out of the NFL.

In the end, hopefully Maybin improves for his and the Bills sake.


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