Another example


Time and time again National Football League players are getting in trouble with the law. The lates example is New England Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather who was in the middle of a shooting this past weekend.

Meriweather’s situation is just another example of why NFL players need to cut some ties.

Yes, I know what I am saying is a hard thing to do as your boys are like family. However, there comes a point where you even have to cut ties with your family.

I had to do that with my father a little bit after he developed prostate cancer. The reason I did that was due to the fact that the relationship with my father and his side of the family became strained. My aunts were always negative while I on the other hand usually look at the positive side of things.

The same thing goes for NFL players as their attitude has changed to a more cautious approach while their boys haven’t. When someone that comes from a rough neighborhood gets disrespected bullets start to fly.

According to Meriweather’s attorney, a witness came forward that Merieweather wasn’t the shooter. What he was doing was trying to keep the peace, but obviously that didn’t work as two people wound up being shot.

In the end, hopefully this situation will be a lesson to Meriweather and many other NFL players.