Players are spiraling out of control


Many National Football League expert have been saying that with a lockout in place the NFL will be boring.

Well that would be wrong with NFL players spiraling.

The latest case comes via TMZ, as Dallas Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman decided to flap his gums to organization. In it Newman claims that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is screwing the players for his own personal gain through Personal Conduct Policy that will still be in place during the lockout.

The reporter stated to Newman that the NFL wants to start suspending them for the next immediate game instead of issuing the players fines. Newman then responded to it with this.

“I think Goodell needs to make money, because he says he is going to take a dollar instead of his $10 million” Newman said. “So, instead of $10 million he is taking a dollar, so he needs to fine people and he is going to get the money he fines people.”

The reporter then followed up and asked he is pocketing all of that and Newman followed it up with this response.

“He is pocketing all of that,” Newman said. “Roger Goodell is pocketing all of that and he is screwing the players. He is screwing the players and pocketing all that.”

Okay, how the hell is Goodell pocketing the money when he is apparently suspending the players and not fining them at all?

The fact of the matter is NFL players are trying to create the perception that the NFL is a bunch of greedy owners looking to screw the players. The truth is it is far from that as the owners realize that they need the players to be successful and continue to make the amount of money they do. Why do you think they made all the concessions they did in their last proposal.

In the end, the only thing that the players are doing is making themselves look like a bunch of idiots.

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