Is Buffalo safe?


It hasn’t happened in many years, but Western New York has been hit by earth quakes before, but fortunately they haven’t been strong enough to cause damage.

In the aftermath of the disaster in Japan that got me thinking to myself is Buffalo safe?

Last summer Buffalo was hit with a 5.5 magnitude earthquake that was centered in Ontario, Canada. The fact is there is actually a major series of fault lines in WNY in the Clarendon-Linden

Courtesy of New York State's Division or Military and Naval Affairs

faulty system that is just east of the city.

Currently, the fault is not considered a major threat of seismic activity as the strongest earthquakes felt around the region have been under a 6.0 magnitude. However, that doesn’t mean that a stronger earthquake will never be felt in the future.

What calls for more concern is that we border Lake Erie and that means if there is a strong earthquake within the lake Buffalo could be hit with a Tsunami as well.

In the end, if we don’t start taking into consideration the possibility of a huge earthquake as a factor when building the devastation that a big earthquake would do to this region will be unmatched by any earthquake ever.

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