Yes he is


According to Pro Football Talk, Seattle Seahawks guard Chester Pitts, who is the teams’ player representative, released a statement saying that he is isn’t stupid, which was in regards to National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell’s letter that would hopefully result in continued collective bargaining negotiations.

Well Chester yes you are stupid.

These players don’t get it and never will. You just don’t go running to the media and blurt out what is on your mind, especially during collective bargaining negotiations, because we are in the age of 24 hours a day information world, especially when CBA negotiations are ongoing.

The way you go about getting messages through to players is via player representatives and make it clear to the player reps that to inform players not to say anything to the media. If they have a problem with a policy then voice their opinion to their player rep.

Goodell sent the letter in full hope that the NFLPA would comeback to the table. However, if that didn’t happen hopefully some of the players will be stupid enough to open their mouths.

Pitts’s comments only show that while Goodell is doing everything he can to get a deal done while the players don’t give a crap except for themselves.

In the end, the end NFLPA is going to regret not taking that deal before the CBA expired.

What a bunch of idiots


It is becoming more and more apparent that the people that run the National Football League Players Association is comprised of a group of men that think they are the smartest individuals in the room.

What they really are is a bunch of idiots.

According to the USA Today, via Pro Football Talk, NFLPA president Kevin Mawae doesn’t think that a claim with the National Labor Relations Board by the owners doesn’t matter, because they aren’t a union.  To Mawae the desertifications trumps the claim.

Hello McFly? Is anyone in there?

It doesn’t matter if you are already desertified or not. What is in question is the whole act of desertification in the first place since it is really a shame.

The NLRB is investigating the NFL’s claim and if  there is merit to the claim then it will be heard by a panel of judges. If it is found in their favor the union could be forced back together.

Also, lets not forget that the NFL won a previous court ruling in 1987 stating that the decertification by the NFLPA was a sham. The NFLPA reformed then disbanded again in 1989 to file another  antitrust lawsuit, and won that time. The fact is that the only way that the NFLPA is going to win a antitrust suit is if they disbanded and waited the six months to then file a antitrust lawsuit.

However, that isn’t going to happen, because players today spending habits are much worst than they were back then. At that time players weren’t getting the enormous amount of money they are getting today.

In the end, if the NFLPA don’t get back to the negotiating table soon they are going to have to make a lot of concessions later on.