Don’t blame the owners


Many National Football League fans are pointing the fingers at both the owners and players for the current labor mess.

The thing is the owners aren’t the ones to blame.

The Rooney family have always been candid and upfront when it comes to issues. So, it is not surprised that his statements to the team’s website, via Pro Football Talk, reflected just that.

To Rooney it became clear that the NFLPA wanted to desertify and take things to court after they offered to have a independent third party that they both mutually agree upon to look at their books and then report back. Even before they looked at the books the NFLPA responded that it wasn’t good enough.

Rooney had a great point on the matter that being how the heck do you know that if you don’t look at the information. Rooney went on to further state that they expected the NFLPA to eventually comeback after the third party reported their findings to them.

The other thing that Rooney pointed out was that in the old collective bargaining agreement the players had no say over the length of a season. In their latest offer they proposed to shelf the 18 game proposal for two years and that any changes at that time would require the approval of both.

Like I stated before the fact is that the owners reached out to try and get something done, because they don’t want to lose advertising and sponsorship revenues from businesses.

In the end, most of the things that the players are saying are just down right lies and excuses to justify taking the NFL to court.

It could have been worst


The Buffalo Sabres and its fans received some bad news Sunday as Sabre legend Rick Martin passed away from a heart attack earlier that day.

As sad as the situtation it could have been worst.

I am not talking about Martin crashing into some other car even though that is important. What I am talking about is not paying tribute to him and the other memebers of the French Connection one last time.

With the change of ownership last month the entire French Connection was brought back together as its right winger Rene Robert was outcasted by previous ownership due to critical comments.

In new owner Terry Pegula’s first game as an owner the French Connection skated out and was honored with the owner.

In the end, Martin may be gone, but his life, the memories and the legacy that he and the French Connection created will always remain.