Could Upshaw have had a plan?


I firmly believe that former NFLPA executive director the late Gene Upshaw would have taken the last deal that NFL owners put on the table.

That got me wondering did Upshaw have a plan?

Upshaw knows that collective bargaining is about giving and taking. In 2006 Upshaw knew that NFL owners had to include luxury box revenue into the formula for figuring out the salary cap as they were making huge amounts of money that way.He knew if they didn’t they would face some serious backlash from fans for being greedy.

Upshaw figured that the owners would cave in fear of losing that revenue stream, which is purchased mainly through businesses. Also, with the pressure from the fans to keep things going, along with the uncharted waters of inclusion of luxury box revenue, Upshaw must have figured that he could get it all included into the formula even if it was bad for some owners.

That way the next time CBA negotiations came around he could give up some of the pie in return for some other stuff like lifetime health insurance and increased pensions. Unfortunately, Upshaw died from pancreatic cancer suddenly.

What made me convinced that Upshaw would never desertify the union is that he oversaw the 1987 strike and anti-trust litigation. So, he knew that desertification before the CBA expired would be labeled a sham and thus be locked out. The other alternative is after the CBA expires is having to wait six months to desertify and then sue, but he knew that would never happen as players would start cracking when the bills start piling up from lack of money coming in.

In the end, the NFLPA better be careful what they wish for, because it could come back to haunt them.

Lockout shows what is wrong with America


There is one thing that has become more and more clear taking a intercultural communication course this year at Buffalo State College.

That being people cannot look past what is on the surface and the lockout in the National Football League is a clear example of that.

Almost 50 years ago Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech that called for people to look past the surface of people. The thing is that just not only applies to how we approach people, but other situations throughout life. Especially, when dealing with the NFL.

Many people in the media have been stating that a lockout of the players is what they wanted all along.  Bull crap, it was nothing more than preparations as a backup plan in case the NFLPA kept sticking to its full financial disclosure demand.

The evidence is what has transpired over the last week and a half. If the NFL really wanted to implement a lockout then why would they ask for two extensions? If their main intention was to implement a lockout it would have been right away on March 3rd when the old collective bargaining agreement originally was set to expire.

The fact is that money is the most important thing to NFL owners and they know if they don’t get a deal done as soon as possible they will lose millions of dollars.  However, the players cannot see that, because all the signs pointed to a lockout.

In the end, the NFLPA is going to pay for its foolishness.