Will the Bills get leaped?


As of right now it looks like the Buffalo Bills at the very least will be able to take one of the two top quarterback prospects in the April’s upcoming National Football League Draft.

The question is though will the Bills get leaped by a team from behind?

Of the four teams immediately following the Bills three of them need a quarterback. Those teams are the Cincinnati Bengals at fourth overall, the Arizona Cardinals at fifth overall and the San Francisco 49ers at seventh overall.

There is a distinct possibility that the Denver Broncos at second overall could trade down a couple of spots. The reason being that the Carolina Panthers are believed to be taking a quarterback first overall and currently there are four defensive prospects that are thought highly of in defensive lineman Nick Fairly, Da’Quan Bowers, Marcel Dareus and cornerback Patrick Peterson.

However, if there is no Collective Bargaining Agreement then this would all go to hell as it has been reported that there can be no trades without a CBA.

In the end, only time will tell who the Bills will wind up drafting.

This is exactly the problem


The National Football League Players Association for months now have been asking the NFL to open their books to verify their claim that profits are down, but that still isn’t enough.

Essentially, that is where the problem is.

According to Pro Football Talk, With desertification on the possible horizon the NFL has realized that it can no longer get a deal done without having to open its books. So, the NFL proposed to make available collective profitability information over the past five years that would be verified by an independent mutually-selected firm. However, that isn’t enough as the NFLPA wants audited financial records over the last 10 years.

Most NFL fans know and understand that profits are down for teams thanks to the Green Bay Packers being a public corporation that has to make public financial reports. The Packers are an NFL institution, but that still hasn’t stopped them from seeing their profits dwindled.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the problem stems from all luxury box revenue that is earned by teams being included into figuring the salary cap. Teams like the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins can keep raising the prices of their luxury boxes, because they always have some other company  waiting to buy it. That has thus pushed the salary cap up to levels that lower revenue generating teams to levels that they cannot afford.

Even though most NFL fans understand the crux of the problem it still hasn’t stopped the NFLPA being a bunch of horses asses. They remind me of my six and seven year old kids when they don’t get their way.  That usually comprises them folding their arms stomping their one foot and stating, “No, I want my…”

Now, just imagine you got a big conference room with the NFL on one side and the NFLPA on the other. The NFL then makes their proposal and the NFLPA responds “No, we want audited financial information over the last 10 years.”

Wow, I thought the NFLPA was made up of a bunch of grown me. Really, what are these guys 30 years old going on 2 and eight quarters.

Don’t worry folks  I can fix their whining as I got some diapers and baby bottles at home for them.

In the end, shut up and take what they are offering.