Do they even know?


The National Football League Draft is coming up next month and the Carolina Panther right now have the first overall pick.

The thing is I highly doubt they even know who they are going to take.

Most teams by now have their draft board pretty much set. Things may change after the Pro Day and individual visits when they talk to the player.

The big problem is that there is no clear cut favorite to go first overall this year. The top prospects this year are very talented, but have a lot of flaws.

It is those flaws that are trouble, because if the players don’t overcome them it will cripple they player’s career. The best example would be former quarterback Jamarcus Russell. Russell had all the talent in the world, but was clearly lazy and overweight.

In the end, at this point anyone’s guess is about good as any on who will go first overall.

An interesting possible situation


The Buffalo Bills are in need of a future franchise quarterback and for whatever reason the Bills don’t take either quarterbacks in Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert their focus may turn to the end of the first round.

For there could be an interesting situation.

Bills head coach Chan Gailey stated recently he prefers a quarterback that has experience in a pro style offense. There is one quarterback in the draft that is impressing and has experience in a pro style offense in Ryan Mallet.

Mallet is sure to drop in the upcoming National Football League Draft after his disastrous press conference with the NFL media. The question is just how far will that be.

If the Bills were to take a defensive player in the first round Mallet would be an interesting possibility. Nobody doubts his physical gifts as he has all the physical tools to become a Hall of Fame quarterback. Where the problem lies is in between his ears.

The press conference showed that he is immature and doesn’t know how to handle responsibility. In the NFL you just answer questions honestly and if you made a wrong decision within a game then you take full responsibility for it.

In the end, if the Bills do take a quarterback they better hit on it, because another miss will most likely cost the front office and scouts their job.

How much does Tiki take?


Former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber has announced, per Fox Sports via Pro Football Talk, that he is intending to return to the National Football League this season after seeing his twin brother Rhonde playing and still being effective.

The question in now how much can Tiki take?

Barber retired after the 2006 season so he has been subject to the abuse of a football season in a while. That means Barber should have some left in the tank.

However, Tiki plays a different position than his brother. Running backs are subject to far more abuse and with Barber being 36 there is reasonable doubt that he will be able to be a capable full-time starter. If it were as a back up role mainly coming in on third down situations then Barber should be more than capable.

In the end, if Barber has any aspirations of being a starter again he needs to prove that he can play a full season first.



Buyer beware


Every year the National Football League has a player that amazes people with his workout at the Combine, but when he steps out on to the field he is a complete disaster.

This year that appears to be Von Miller, especially with his latest comparison, so buyer beware.

According to Pro Football Talk, Dave Razzano stated to Matt Maiocco of that Miller has a little Gholston in him. The reason being that he has only one move, a lot of his sacks came by not being blocked, he doesn’t have a motor, not good at fighting off blockers and he doesn’t chase the ball carrier hard.

If I was a scout and I saw that on game tape I would remove Miller completely off my board.

Good football teams want players that go hard after the football carrier at all times. The reason being that a guy from the backside of the play may be the person that saves a touchdown from happening.

I remember countless times where former Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame defensive end Bruce Smith would come straight down the line of scrimmage from the backside of a play and still make a tackle for a loss on a running play.

In the end, hopefully the Bills will not draft Miller as he has bust written all over him.

Oops they did it again


Time and time again National Football League players have gotten themselves in trouble for their stupidity with social websites like Twitter and Facebook.

To borrow a Brittney Spears Spears song title “Oops They Did it Again.”

According to Pro Football Talk, Houston Texans cornerback Kareem Jackson posted a picture on Twitter of a person holding a chicken at a cock fight. Of course Jackson took it down there after, but by then it was obviously too late.

It amazes me that these players time and time again post stuff that could get them in trouble. Common sense would tell you that if it is illegal in this country even mentioning it will get you in hot water, especially if your within the eye of the public.

The question moving forward will be is attending something that is illegal in this country, but legal in another, constitutes as a violation of the NFL’s “Personal Conduct Policy.” At the very least Jackson should be fined.

In the end, if you don’t want to land in hot water don’t post something for everyone to see if it isn’t legal here.