The calm before the storm


It is all quiet within the National Football League as there can be no transactions due to on going collective bargaining negotiations.

The calm isn’t going to last as tomorrow the storm will hit.

On Monday mediated CBA negotiations between NFL owners and players resume, and what will happen in the next couple of days is any body’s guess. What I can tell you is that if talks hit a sticking point things will start to get ugly.

Underneath the civilness of the owners is a whole lot of hostility and that peaked out last week when New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft gave lashed out at NFLPA lawyer Jeffery Kessler. At first it was reported by Yahoo Sports that Kraft’s comments were aimed at NFL lawyer Bob Batterman.

Kraft is actually right as the progress that was made so far was by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith. Let’s face it if it were left up to the lawyers this would be dragged on forever.

Obviously, all NFL fans over the next five days will be in arms reach of their computer and cell phones for updates on the talks.

In the end, hopefully cooler heads will prevail so the CBA can get done.