Sabres on the right end of the stick


I remember back in the 1990s there was the thinking among Sabres fans that every time they traded a player away he would go on to become a superstar.

For once the Sabres are on the right end of the stick

In the three games since he has arrived via a trade forward Brad Boyes has two goals and two assist. The Sabres have 18 games remaining, so if Boyes were to rack up 21 points by the end of the regular season general manager Darcy Regier will have fleeced the Saint Louis Blues.

If this were to happen you can expect Boyes to get a contract extension after the season then. Also, if Boyes were to help rejuvenate forward Tim Conolly Regier could make a argument to keep him on board.

In the end, with the 5-3 come from behind win against the Eastern Conference points leader Philadelphia Flyers it looks like the Sabres have finally righted the ship.

Lockout would be a good thing


Many media outlets are calling a lockout in the National Football League a horrible thing as players won’t have access to programs like they have in the past.

If anything a lockout is a good thing.

Pro Football Talk wrote an article today stating that a lockout would be a lose-lose situation. The reason being that players not having access to certain programs could wind them up in trouble with the law and would then affect their teams greatly.

The important part that editor Mike Florio is forgetting is that players lose access to these programs anyways. For example, once a player has been retired for three years the player and his family is no longer eligible to be covered under his old insurance plan he had when he was playing.  A player then has to get his own health insurance plan and that is where many former players are having trouble as health insurance companies won’t cover anything in the future that stems from an old injury when playing in the NFL, which has currently changed under President Obama’s health care bill that was signed into law last year.

However, there is still the possibility that the health care law could be declared unconstitutional as people have taken the government to court claiming that a clause stating that everyone must get health insurance is unconstitutional. So, if the Supreme Court eventually sides with these people health insurance companies would put the old preexisting conditions clause back into effect.

Also, a lockout will show players that the cash flow is not endless and that once they retire if they don’t have a solid plan in place they will lose everything they have.  The latest example is former first overall pick Jamarcus Russell who is facing foreclosure on his house.

In the end, if anything a lockout is needed to save players from themselves.