NFL not the only sport


For a while now the only sport to have former players suffer from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, commonly known as CTE, has been the National Football League.

Well they aren’t alone as another league joins them.

According to The Hockey News, via Pro Hockey Talk, it was revealed by researchers at Boston University Thursday that former National Hockey League enforcer Bob Probert, who died back in July, found that he suffered from CTE. Probert is the first modern era hockey player to have it as Reggie Flemming, who played in the 1960s was found to have it as well.

If I sat her and wrote that I am completely shocked by the revelation I’d be lying. I figured that sooner or later it would be found in the NHL as well considering that some hockey players suffer the same amount of concussion as NFL players do. Let not forget they have a lot of hitting as well.

Fortunately, the NHL can control this by banning hitting to the head as that is how a lot of NHL players suffer their concussions. That wouldn’t mean hitting would be gone all together it would just mean that players in the open ice would have to go the way of the old fashioned hip checks.

In the end, the NHL can control this problem, but they won’t as the people running the league are inept.


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