It’s been a long time


Like many others Buffalo Sabres fans I watched the press conference where Terry Pegula formally took over the team.

Now, with the National Hockey League trade deadline come and gone for the first time in a long time I am excited about the Sabres.

There was always a sense of ineptitude emanating from the Sabres once John Rigas took over the team in the late 1990s. That was even more prevalent once Tom Golisano took over the team in 2003. To be honest haven’t had this much hope for the team since Seymour and Norty Knox owned the team.

With Rigas there was always a sense of meddling and not knowing what they heck he was doing. With Golisano the team was always ran like a business and he never understood that to make money in the NHL you need good hockey players and that is sometimes losing money.

As for the Knox brothers they were the ones that hired the men that built the two teams that went to the Stanely cup finals in John Muckler and Punch Imlach. Current general manager Darcy Regier proved that he can build a cup contender even under hamstrung circumstances when Golisano as owner.

The trade deadline only furthered this belief with the acquiring of forward Brad Boyes from the Saint Louis Blues for a second round pick in 2011, along with the revelation that he did talk to other teams about bigger names, but they fell through.

In the end, it looks like the sports scene here in Buffalo will be exciting in the spring and summer for the first time in a while.