Time for Pennington to hang them up


National Football League quarterback Chad Pennington has no luck when it comes to injuries, which hasn’t deterred him yet from playing.

Well it is definitely now time to quit.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, via Pro Football Talk, Pennington tore an anterior cruciate ligament in one of his knees while playing in a pickup basketball game. It only adds to the long list of injuries that Pennington has suffered as at the time he was coming back from shoulder surgery.

It is not surprising as I remember former Buffalo Bills cornerback Nate Odoms tore one of his ACL’s ina pickup basketball game as well after he just signed with the Seattle Seahawks. I also had a cousin of mine do the same thing as well.

This is about a clear of a sign as it could be that it is time for Pennington to hang them up. His body just purely cannot take the rigors of playing in any kind of sport.

In the end, if Pennington keeps this up he could wind up like Hall of Fame running back Earl Campbell who can barely walk due to injuries he suffered during his career.

Bills fans have become pitiful


It has been over a decade since the Buffalo Bills have made the National Football League playoffs and with such a long drought comes desperation.

However, Bills fans surpassed that as they are now down right pitiful.

For years Bills fans have been clamoring for a franchise quarterback, but now since quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has shown some signs of life for the position Bills fans basically have long forgotten it. The fact is folks without a franchise quarterback the Bills aren’t going anywhere.

Since the turn of the century only two quarterbacks that have won the Superbowl had average quarterbacks in the Baltimore Ravens in 2001 and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2003. The thing is though both of those teams had outstanding quarterbacks.

The fact of the matter is I am not interested in just seeing the Bills go to the playoffs. I have seen them go to the playoffs six straight years four of which were Superbowl loses. There is no worst feeling in the world than seeing your favorite team lose the Superbowl besides losing a loved one. Every time you see clips of the game you cannot stand to watch at first, but eventually as time passes you come to terms with it and appreciate it.

In the end, the only way the Bills take a defensive guy at third overall is if they are targeting quarterback Christian Ponder in round two.

Gailey’s comments are nothing but smoke


Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey stated Tuesday at season ticket holder Tele-Forum that if the Bills were to make their pick today that they would use it on defense.

The thing is they are nothing more than a smoke screen.

People need to remember that on Monday during the State of the Bills event Gailey admitted that during this time of year a lot of people like.

“It’s not a sin to tell a lie pre-draft,” he said with a wry smile. “Everybody does it. It’s accepted. So everything you hear or read or see, you need to keep in mind that about 10 percent of it’s the truth.”

The fact of the matter is that the Bills invested heavily in front seven of the defense in the 2010 National Football League Draft as they took two defensive lineman and two linebackers. So to hear the Bills say that they like to add another pass rusher opposite of outside linebacker Shawne Merriman makes me want to laugh.

Rookie Arthur Moats recorder two sacks in four starts last year, so to waist a pick on a outside linebacker when they already have a possible stud in the making makes no sense what so ever. As for the defensive line both nose tackle Torell Troup and Alex Carrington showed promise in their limited action.

The problem with the defense was that when nose tackle Kyle Williams got doubled teamed he would get man handled and blown back into the linebackers, which forces the linebacker to have to come down the line of scrimmage instead of attacking it. To solve their run defense all they have to do is move Williams to the defensive end position and let Troup and fellow nose tackle Kellen Heard battle it out for the starting nose tackle spot.

That right there will allow the Bills to be competitive in 2011, of course that is if there is a season, and allow the Bills concentrate on depth and the future of the franchise.

The fact of the matter is quarterback has become a vital position to have and right now quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has proven to be a capable stater, but not a franchise quarterback as he has yet to prove himself in the clutch. With out a quarterback that can perform in crunch time your nothing.

In the end, the Bills would be the biggest fools in the world to pass up on a quarterback that shows the possibility of being the franchise guy for the next decade.

An eye opening fact


Being a former high school athlete I know the problems that many former National Football League players face as I myself have become disabled from the game to the point that I have to take multiple pain killers just to have the ability to function normally without pain.

Knowing the problem that many pre 1993 former NFL players face there was still one eye opening fact that I learned in an interview with NFL Alumni director of communication Jim Morris.  That being there are many former players that don’t get any pension at all, along with a fact about the current labor agreement that will floor people.

I knew previously that many former players from the 1960s get very little in pensions from the NFL, along with any players in the 1970s and 1980s that were given bad information to take their pensions early. What I didn’t know was how a player becomes eligible for pensions from the different era’s.

According to Morris, players that have played after 1993 only have to invest three years to become eligible for a pension while pre 1993 players have to have four and pre 1959 (which are refereed to 59ers according to Morris) had to have five years. The big deal is the average NFL player’s career is three years and that means there are many players that receive no benefits at all. To put it plainly there are former players out there that are having to deal with injuries as a result of their playing careers with no help at all what so ever.

What NFL fans need to understand is that before 1993 players had to work two jobs to make ends meet as the NFL didn’t pay as well as it does today. That means players from that time and era are living on wages they earned from their second job or social security.

The problem is that even though there is a new NFLPA executive director in DeMaurice Smith things haven’t changed according to Morris.

“There is no change in the way that they treat us and that is disappointing,” Morris stated. “The thing that they fail to acknowledge is the fact that we been just as hard on NFL owners as we have with the NFLPA. The only difference is that the owners have listened more.”

The thing is this problem isn’t old as it has been going on for years and the reason why that former players organized and created the NFL Alumni as former NFLPA executive director Gene Upshaw ignored former players for a long time even going on to state that it isn’t his job to represent former players.

That leads me to the current bombshell about in regards to the current collective bargaining agreement proposal. Like many others I didn’t know the details of it, but I was hopeful for it when I head that when players retired they would have to option to keep their health insurance. I was hopeful that already retired players would also get health insurance as it is tough for them to get it due to pre-existing conditions.

However, that was not to be as the health care option is only for players that have played from 2003 and beyond. To be honest that is disconcerting as there is good possibility that President Obama’s health care law will be labeled unconstitutional and would put former players back to square one as the law contains language that health insurance companies cannot discriminate against people for having preexisting conditions.

Morris also had another great comment that highlight the problems with the current collective bargaining negotiations.

‘We don’t care about the other stuff,” Morris said. “All we care about is getting increased pensions and health insurance for former players.”

Meaning the NFLPA doesn’t give a rats rear about the employees that work at the stadium, front office or the average NFL fan. The only thing they care about is  keeping the amount of money they have and maybe even increasing it.

In the end, hopefully the NFL Alumni accomplish their goals as these former warriors deserve it after all they have had sacrificed.

Prospects should accept


Many National Football League Draft prospects will be deciding on whether or not to accept an invitation to be in attendance at the NFL Draft in April.

If they do get a invitation prospects should accept it.

The NFLPA has been debating about setting up their own event for the Draft in order to stick it to the NFL owners. Prospects that do so would look like complete fools down the road.

The best argument that I heard for attending the Draft was 10 to 20 years down the road when their kids and grandchildren ask if they were drafted and were invited to New York for it how would they explain it? If they don’t they will look like the biggest horses ass to their kids. Most likely this would be how it would go.

“Hey dad, you played in the NFL were you drafted” son asks.

“Yes, I did get drafted,” father responds. “Matter of fact I was a first round draft pick.”

“Really, cool,” son responds. “Did you get invited to New York.”

“Yeah, I did and matter of fact I did go to New York,” father responds.

“Cool, so where are the pictures,” son asks.

“Well, the truth is I did go to New York, but just not the NFL Draft,” father explains. “I went to a event that was hosted by the NFLPA.”

“Huh, what,” son asks.

“Well there was a labor dispute, so the union that represents the players held their own event,” father responds. “So, rather than upset  my future teammates by going to the Draft I went to the other event instead.”

“Let me get this straight,” son responds. “You let some other people pressure you into something. I thought you always said make your own decisions. Hypocrite.”

Son then runs away to his room.

No amount of pressure or harassment from teammates will ever hurt as bad as letting your kids down. Your kids look up to you and you are their hero.

In the end, being on the stage after you just get your name called out by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is too big of a moment to pass up on.

April 6th cannot come any faster


April 6th is the day that preliminary hearing are scheduled for the National Football League Players Association antitrust lawsuit where on that day it will be decided if the NFLPA’s request to lift a lockout will be granted.

That day cannot come any faster.

Many National Football League fans are probably hoping that the lockout will be lifted, so that football will go on this year. For me, I am excited about that day to see the NFLPA get slapped across its face by reality.

The fact of the matter is the NFLPA decertified too early and will most likely be ruled a sham by the courts. Nor, do they have a strong enough case to  have the courts lift the lockout.

In the end, no matter what happens that day collective bargaining negotiations should resume shortly there after.

Bills made a good move trading Peters


When the Buffalo Bills traded tackle Jason Peters in 2009 many Bills fans were wondering what the heck they were thinking.

Well it looks like the Bills made the right move.

Peters made the Pro Bowl twice, but there was always a lingering feeling that Peters was made out to be more than he actually was. Well those people were right as Peters was arrested Friday night, according to TMZ.

The thing is Peters wasn’t arrested for driving drunk, possessing drugs or assault and battery he was arrested for a loud music violation and resisting an officer. Peters got arrested for not producing his identification when asked to be a police officer. How much of a dumb schmuck do you have to be to get arrested for not giving your license to a cop for a ticket that would’ve cost less than $100.

Most likely when the cop asked Peters for his license and registration he most likely busted out the, “don’t you know who I am line.” Most likely the officer responded that he didn’t care and asked for his license again, which was of course followed up by Peters with, “I’m Jason Peters of the Philadelphia Eagles.” Of course the coup de grace that got Peters arrested was, “I ain’t giving you crap.”

Everyone knows that cops know a days are looking for every reason to arrest a high profile person for their 15 minutes of fame.

In the end, even if you are famous sigh, roll your eyes, shut up and give them you license, because arguing with a police officer won’t get you anywhere.

Somethings never change


The National Football League Players Association under the guidance of then executive director Gene Upshaw showed no respect for retired players what so ever.

Even though Upshaw is long gone and DeMaurice Smith is now the executive director, somethings never change.

According to Pro Football Talk, National Football League Alumni president George Martin met this past week with the NFLPA. Even though publicly he stated that he was happy to finally meet with them, in a letter to the board of directors and the 32 chapter heads Martin was singing a different tune.

“Regrettably, the long awaited and greatly anticipated one on one meeting with Mr. DeMaurice Smith never materialized as I had hoped,” Martin wrote.  “Although he was present during my two hour interrogation, no accommodation of my request for the private meeting was ever addressed.”

So, instead of having a civil conversation and come up with a plan that would address the needs of struggling retired players the NFLPA basically ripped Martin apart for two hours, because the NFL Alumni and NFL owners know how to get along and act like adults.

I am starting to think that the lifetime heath care proposal didn’t come from the NFLPA side, but was from the owners to help address their growing problems. The owners understand that they and the players are partners and they also understand that it was the sacrifices of these players that made the NFL into what it is today.

The fact of the matter is that the owners fully are aware of the issue at hand and want to address them as quick as possible, and it is the reason why the NFL is the most popular sport in America . If they didn’t then they wouldn’t have compromised on a lot of issues.

In the end, the only way that the retired players will get their problems addressed is being allowed to represent themselves in collective bargaining negotiations.

Man it has been so long


Being 31 years old I had the privilege of starting to watch the Buffalo Bills when they started their six straight year run of making the playoffs in 1988, which was also Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas’s rookie year.

After seeing a comment on WGR 550’s website I realized it has been a long time since we had a franchise quarterback.

Even though I was nine-years-old at the time I knew that when the Bills beat the New York Jets 9-6 in overtime to win the AFC East Championship it was the start of something special. Boy was I right as that year they made it all the way to the AFC Championship game that year.

Being at Buffalo State many people are 22-18 years of age and that means these kids were 3-7 and have no recollection of how it is to have a franchise quarterback. Well I thought it was about time to recall it.

During those days there was just an air of confidence, a feeling that every game the Bills played they were going to win, because Kelly and the K-gun offense was just going to rack up the score on them and win every game 45-7. Most of the time that was true, but they were human and there were those couple of game where you walked away think WTF just happened. This is the Buffalo frickin Bills with Jim Kelly, so how the hell did they lose?

Even against teams like the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants, who were two of the top teams then,you were confident. There was absolutely no doubt in your mind that the Bills were going to win.

Also, anytime the suggestion that backup Frank Reich should be the starter everyone just shoot it down. The reaction usually was like, “What are you kidding, ditch Kelly for Reich are you kidding me?” That was usually followed up with the comment that Reich isn’t nearly as talented as Kelly.

They were right of course as Kelly had by far the stronger arm and talent.

In the end, Bills fans are long over due for a franchise quarterback.


The pressure is on for Sanchez


Well two years in a row the New York Jets made it to the AFC Championship game and lost both games.

With Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez being the root of the problem the pressure is on for Sanchez this year to deliver.

In both games Sanchez threw key interceptions that tilted the game in favor of the opposition. If the Jets are ever going to make it to the Super Bowl Sancez cannot throw interceptions or fumble the football.

The Jets defense is one of the best in the National Football League, so they don’t have to worry about that right now. However they do have to worry about Sancez’s development as he is going into this third season with the team and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

In the end, if Sanchez doesn’t live up to his nickname the “Sanchize” then he will be unsanchized at the end of the season.