Newton’s comments are welcomed


Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, via Pro Football Talk, tweeted Tuesday that in a phone interview former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton stated to him that he sees himself not only as a football player, but an entertainer and icon.

Many people may shy away from those comments, but to me they are welcomed.

What it says about Newton is that he views himself as one of the National Football League’s greatest players one day. Newton knows that it is not enough to talk the talk as to be truly great he has to walk the walk and he is already doing that.

Newton’s advisor NFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon had some interesting comments on his work ethic to The News Tribune, via Pro Football Talk.

“I see a kid who trains to be great; that’s what he’s all about, all he talks about, being great,” Moon said. “His work ethic is so unbelievable that, if anything, you have to try to slow him down and keep him from doing too much. You see how much he wants to work at getting better, not just on the field, but in the classroom, studying film.”

The great ones know who they are, their skill set and what it takes to be successful at whatever level of competition that they are at. A great example is last month’s College Football National Championship game.

Before the game Newton had all the distractions in the world as the story before the game was the question of his eligibility, along with some other stuff. Even though he had those out there he never let that worry him as he knew if he let them be a distraction his team would lose.

In the end, with the right coaching staff Newton is going to be one of the all time greats.

When it comes to drafting QBs only one thing matters


The National Football League has turned into a quarterback league as rules and offenses has tipped the balance in its favor.

So, when it comes to drafting a quarterback only one thing matters, and that is the pick pans out.

Quarterbacks that are picked in the first three rounds of the NFL draft have huge impacts on the team that takes them. The reason is that quarterbacks picked in those rounds at one point or another usually start.

With quarterbacks being the focal point of an offense, the failure of a drafted quarterback sets back a team years. That is the result of having to spend another draft pick on a quarterback and grooming him on the bench for several years while a average veteran starts and runs the offense.

On the flip side, hitting on a draft pick can result making the playoffs for the next decade. Let me tell you there is nothing like being in attendance for  a playoff game.

In the end, if the Buffalo Bills do spend the third overall draft pick on a quarterback hopefully it pans out this time.

Angelo’s rant is nonsense


According to Pro Football Talk, Chicago Bears general manager Jerry Angelo is worried that a lockout of National Football League players would forever taint the game.

Simply, Angelo’s rant is utter nonsense.

Every business has expenses in order to make their service available to customers. What gets a business in trouble is allowing their expense to exceed the amount of sales revenue that is coming in. The fact of the matter is under the current collective bargaining agreement that is already happening.

No one will dispute that the last CBA was clearly lopsided towards the players. If you don’t think so then how about these numbers.

The salary cap was introduced in 1994 and was set at $34.6 million and rose to $85.5 in 2005 under the old designated gross revenue formula. That is an increase of almost $51 million over 12 years.

The current CBA was ratified prior to the 2006 regular season and in that CBA the formula for figuring the salary cap was changed. The change was so much favor of the players that in the last year of the salary cap in 2009 it was $128 million. That is an increase of $40 million over four years and that is way too much even for the NFL.

The current formula is hurting small market teams a lot to the point that even the Green Bay Packers are in trouble of losing money.

According to their financial report the Packers made only $9.8 million, which was down from $20.1 million in 2009. In 2007 the Packers profit was $34.2 million, which means profits are down $24.4 million due to players salary. That means if things are not corrected there is a good possibility that in two years the Packers will start losing money.

The fact of the matter is that the only way to fix this is through fixing the salary cap formula. Some people may say raise the price on luxury suites and tickets, but a business can only raise their prices so high before customer start walking away.

In the end, a lockout wouldn’t taint the game, because everyone knows that it is necessary for the future of the game.

Just disturbing


It was learned yesterday that former Chicago Bears Dave Duerson was found dead in his home.

Upon hearing some more details Duerson’s death is just disturbing.

Duerson committed suiced with a single shot wound to the chest. That alone is a little head turning as with suicides self inflicted gun shot wounds are to the head. Duerson did this for a reason.

That reason being he believed he was suffering from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy which is more commonly known as CTE. We know this becuase shortly before his death he texted his loved ones that he wished his brain be donated to be studied.

We hear about all the time how the health of these former athletes fail from wear and tear of competition later on in life. However, CTE, along with other brain aiglments  is quickly becoming the leading cause of death for former athletes.

The National Football League is heading into the right direction restricing blows to the head of offensive players. However, more has to be done and looked at as players now have virtually become human missles and one thing that could get banned is the pulling of offensive lineman on plays due to the sheer amount of force that is created when these mammoth men collide with someone.

In the end, with the human mind being a mystery the NFL will be dealing with CTE for a long time to come.

Bills are committed for the near future


The Buffalo News has reported that the Buffalo Bills will be changing their playing surface prior to the 2011 regular season, that’s is if there is one.

What the change does is commit the Bills to Buffalo for the foreseeable future.

The last time the Bills changed surfaces was back in 2003. That means the Bills played eight seasons on their old turf before having to change it.

So, Bills fans can expect the team to be in Buffalo for that same amount of time. Any owner that is looking to move their location anytime soon wouldn’t be investing money into a new surface.

Also, any new owner that comes in isn’t going to just move the team soon as he buys the team. Buying the Bills will cost about a billion to buy and that includes the stadium.

The only way the Bills are moving is if there is a brand new stadium that has been built. The only cost then would be to moving furniture and other assets.

In the end, as long as the Bils make a profit they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Aaron better pickup


It has been reported recently that former National Football League quarterback Bret Farve would like to reach out to his former Green Bay Packers teammate Aaron Rodgers to repair their relationship.

If Rodgers knew what was good for him he pick up the phone.

In January Rodgers’ charachter was called into question after he walked by a woman wearing pink singnaling she survived cancer. If Rodgers were to ignore Farve’s call it would only cement that Rodgers is a jerk.

A public relations nightmere is the last thing the Packers want. For it would prove to be a huge distraction for the entire team.

Rodgers and the rest of the Packers may not think it is a big deal, but it is. It is fequent occurence of small incidents that eventually takes its toll and wears down a team.

In the end, if the Packers are to repeat players are going to have to take the high road when it comes to incidents like this.

Sanders release was long overdue


The Indianapolis Colts released strong safety Bob Sanders after three straight injury plagued season.

Sanders release was long over due.

The seven year veteran has never played an entire season. The closest that Sanders got was 15 games in 2007 and 14 games in 2005. So, you think that Sanders would have been released after second straight injury plagued season after the conclusion of the 2009 season.

However, that didn’t happen as Polian was holding out hope that Sanders could somehow turn things around. What made Sanders worth the try is that when he was healthy he was one of the best defensive players in the National Football League.

Well it looks like Polian learned things the hard way and that could be costly as the window on the team is closing with quarterback Peyton Manning turning 35 next month.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how talented a person if they can’t stay healthy they are worthless.

Mediating means nothing


Many National Football League fans have renewed hope that a collective bargaining agreement between owners and the players soon.

I hate to break the news to you a mediator means nothing.

A mediator cannot make decisions are make awards to either side. All a mediator can do is make suggestions to both sides.

Well there is a saying for a situation like this. That being you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

The fact is a mediator can give suggestions to the owners all he wants, but the fact is that there are several owners that are hell bent on rectifying the CBA to what they think is fair. All the owners believe that the last CBA was too player friendly.

Who do you think called in a mediator in the first place? It sure the heck wasn’t the owners. That would be NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith and because of that the owners are clearly in control.

In the end, with it now being learned that CBA talks will go for seven days straight if there isn’t a deal done by then there won’t be one until September.

Was Richardson blow up part of the plan?


Many National Football Leaugue fans when they heard the news about Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson’s blowup during a collective bargaining negotiating session they thought that it was an out of the blue moment.

However, after thinking about it the blowup could be a part of their plan all along.

Richardson was made one of the leaders to represent owners in negotiations and that isn’t by coincidence. Richardson has owned the Panthers since its inception in1995, so the other  owners know who he is and that includes him being a stubborn hot head.

These are 32 shrewd businessmen that have all dealt with huge business deals and knows just like any other sporting event or business deal there is a certain psychological game that goes into.  It is for that very reason why they tabbed Richardson.

The owners knew that CBA negotiations can become heated as well as Richardson being an impassioned person that sticks to his beliefs. When they tabbed Richardson the other owners knew that someone like Richardson would blow up, and they counted on that happening.

Arizona Cardinals kicker Jay Feeley was there and stated that Richardson was condensending, so what do you think the players were thinking when this took place? This guys is freaking crazy.

That is exactly what the owners want the players thinking, because right now every single one of them is sitting there convinced now that the owners aren’t ever going to budge with Richardson leading the way. So, that will lead players to conclude that the only way to get back on the field to get paid is by giving them what they want and that will lead to players crossing the picket lines.

Simply, they are dividing and conquering the players. Why else would NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith is conducting  a conference call of all the players?

You will hear in the media that the conference call was to let all the players know where the negotiations stand and other bull. However, the real reason that it was called is to try and keep the players together.

In the end, the NFLPA’s damn is cracking and it is only a matter of time before it breaks.

Stroud’s departure will mean shuffling


The Buffalo Bills released defensive end Marcus Stroud after being ineffective last year, along with due to make $4.5 million in base salary.

His departure means that there will be some shuffling along the defensive line.

The move creates a vacancy at the left defensive end position that some feel will possibly be filled by defensive ends Alex Carrington or Spencer Johnson. However, I don’t think that is the route that they will take.

Most likely the Bills will shift nose tackle Kyle Williams to the left defensive end position as it will allow him to handle one on one blocking most of the time. That should result in more production from Williams in tackles and in sacks.

At the nose tackle position the Bills will most likely have a open competition between nose tackles Torell Troup and Kellen Heard.

To be honest I figured the move was coming sooner or later. The reason being you just don’t use a second round draft pick on someone to ride the bench. Also, Troup and Heard are the more prototypical nose tackles where Williams is a little bit on the light side.

In the end, the defense’s success depends on the development of young players like Troup.