Some players just don’t learn


Time and time again National Football League Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith has told players that they need to save money.

However, some players haven’t learned at all.

According to the Philadelphia Sports Daily, via Pro Football Talk, multiple players have asked Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham for money. Teammates have approached him about the subject all jokingly, but in actuality they are serious. Graham says no to them, because he doesn’t want a problem with a teammate.

To be honest I’m not surprised as time and time again we hear about NFL players making millions of dollars, but having to file bankruptcy due to bad investments, alimony, child support or just blowing it.

The main question that I keep asking myself when I hear these stories is why do NFL players deserve the type of money they get when they are just going to blow it on cars, houses, jewelry or expensive bottles of champagne.

In the end the money should go to the people that really deserve it and those are the retired players that made it into what it is today.

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