It doesn’t mean anything


Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallet impressed people when he threw the football at the Combine in Indianapolis Sunday.

The thing is that doesn’t mean a thing to National Football League teams.

Mallet’s biggest question was about his maturity and his potential drug use. Mallet did nothing to dispel either of those by walking out in the middle of his press conference Saturday.

If anything it confirms that Mallet isn’t mature enough for the NFL. The only way Mallet will work out is riding the bench for a couple years and then get a chance to start.

As for the NFL Draft in April Mallet will be lucky to be pick in the second round. Most likely a team will take a chance on him in the third or fourth round, but definitely no earlier than that. The reason being is that Mallet is too much of a risk to do so as there is a good chance he will get into trouble somehow.

In the end, actions speak louder than words and Mallet’s actions Saturday has just lost him millions of dollars.

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