Is change coming for the HOF?


The Hall of Fame selection process this year came under fire with the selection of NFL Films founder Ed Sabol into the HOF.

With the intense scrutiny could change finally becoming to the HOF.

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, who is one of the 44 member selection committee, addressed the issue on the problems of the selection process, according to Pro Football Talk. Bouchette went on to say that the process is in need of an overhaul and that the Hall of Fame is apparently listening as it has asked the selection committee for ideas on possible changes.

It is a start as there were just too many worthy member left out in the cold in former offensive tackle Willie Roaf, center Dermontti Dawson and wide receiver Andre Reed.

Bouchette revealed that a meeting took place in Indianapolis between other voters. Some of the suggestions by the members have been more transparency in regards to the voting, creation of categories so that people like Sabol won’t run into players and expanding the number of voters.

In the end, whatever the Hall of Fame decides to do is better than nothing as change has been long overdue.



What to believe?


It is that time of season in the National Football League where teams will sometimes say stuff that is an out right lie to protect their chances at drafting the guy they want in April.

So, what should we believe from the Bills?

Hearing Bills head coach Chan Gailey my first feeling was like I was in the latest Wendy’s commercial and someone just slapped me across the face. Last night I though for sure they are going to take someone on defense.

Then this morning things changed after I hear ESPN’s Adam Schefter on ESPN Radio’s “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd. That being it will depend on who goes first and second overall and if there is a collective bargaining agreement.

In regards to the CBA without one teams are locked into the slot they are drafting. However, if there is a new CBA then things could revert back to how it was 10 years ago.

Before rookie contracts got out of hand at the top of the Draft, teams traded up and down a lot as teams were willing to part with more draft picks to move up. That changed when contracts went up, because teams didn’t want to deal with giving rookies that type of money.

What it also means with a new CBA is that there will most likely be a couple of trades to move into first and second overall to take a quarterback. If that were to happen then the Bills would be defenitely drafting someone on defense.

On the flip side if Auburn defensive lineman Nick Fairley and Clemson defensive lineman Da’qaun Bowers were to go first and second overall the Bills will most likely take a quarterback.

Now, I know that Gailey stated that he prefers a quarterback that has played in a pro style offense, but that doesn’t mean anything. If the Bills feel that Newton is going to be special they are going to take him.

In the end, right now there are too many variables to definitively tell who the Bills will draft.

Ryan just doesn’t get it


New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan once again spouted off that his team will win the Superbowl in a press conference at the Combine in Indianapolis.

Clearly Ryan doesn’t get it.

After every Superbowl loss the then Buffalo Bills starting quarterback Jim Kelly would say in a interview that they are going back to the Superbowl, and are going to win it. They did get to the Superbowl four straight years, but never won a single one. The reason being they committed to many turnovers in the last three and the first one everyone knows what happened that game.

The fact is Rex Ryan can say all that he wants, but it won’t mean anything if he doesn’t have his players better prepared. Along with his coordinators having better game plans on both sides of the football.

A team wins the Superbowl when the coaches put a solid game plan together and the players did their homework on the tendencies of the other team.

In the end, until his players start preparing as hard as Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady do for every single game they will never win a Superbowl let alone get to one.

It doesn’t mean anything


Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallet impressed people when he threw the football at the Combine in Indianapolis Sunday.

The thing is that doesn’t mean a thing to National Football League teams.

Mallet’s biggest question was about his maturity and his potential drug use. Mallet did nothing to dispel either of those by walking out in the middle of his press conference Saturday.

If anything it confirms that Mallet isn’t mature enough for the NFL. The only way Mallet will work out is riding the bench for a couple years and then get a chance to start.

As for the NFL Draft in April Mallet will be lucky to be pick in the second round. Most likely a team will take a chance on him in the third or fourth round, but definitely no earlier than that. The reason being is that Mallet is too much of a risk to do so as there is a good chance he will get into trouble somehow.

In the end, actions speak louder than words and Mallet’s actions Saturday has just lost him millions of dollars.