Not coming to a theater near you


The movie “There Will Be Blood” was released in 2007 and received many accolades from movie critics, which included eight Academy Award nominations two of which they won.

Well the sequel is coming out, but it isn’t coming to a theater near you.

The sequel will be held in the court rooms and the negotiating tables between National Football League owners and the National Football League Players Association. The reason being that the NFLPA will decertify by Thursday, according to ESPN. If the NFLPA doesn’t by Thursday then they cannot do so again until six months after the collective bargaining agreement expires.

What decertifying will do is allow the NFLPA to seek an injunction against the owner to prevent them from commencing a lockout. If the NFLPA wins their case the NFL would then have to implement their last proposal as the rules until a new CBA is reached.

If this were to happen free agency any which way will be delayed to allow teams to adjust to the new rules and make decisions on their free agents based on them. Fans can expect free agency to open somewhere from the end of March to the beginning of April.

With things now heading to court things are going to get down right nasty. The question will then be which side will blink first?

In the end, it is pretty clear that the reason the NFL is the biggest sports league in America is due to the drama never ending year round.