The trend will continue


In the National Football League quarterback has become the single most important position of a franchise and that trend has mirrored itself in the NFL Draft as only three of the last 13 first overall picks weren’t quarterbacks.

You can expect the trend to continue this year.

The biggest question revolving around the NFL Draft this year is who will go first overall after Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck decided to return to school as many thought if he came out he would be the first pick overall easily. That picture became clearer Friday on ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd show when ESPN’s Adam Schefter appeared on it.

Schefter posed the question if your the Carolina Panthers, you have the number one overall pick what do you do to two different football minds who are respected in the football industry, whose teams don’t need quarterbacks, both said they would take a quarterback first overall. One said Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert and the other said Aunurn quarterback Cam Newton.

The fact is that there is no one single player that stands out head and shoulders above the rest. So that brings it back to this single question what position is the hardest to find a starter for and has the most impact on your team. The answer is quarterback and is the reason why so many quarterbacks have gone first overall in recent years.

In the end, the only way the Panthers are going to take someone other than a quarterback is if they are sure that quarterback Jimmy Clausen will turn out to be great and this year’s first overall pick will be as well.



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