Will the Bills go after Shockey?


The New Orleans Saints cut tight end Jeremy Shockey Tuesday after three lack luster years with the team.

So, the question is will the Buffalo Bills go after Shockey?

The Buffalo Bills already had a free agent visit from free agent safeties Bob Sanders and OJ Atowage. That means there is a pretty good possibility that Shockey will at least give the Bills a visit

The Bills do have tight end Shawn Nelson on the roster, but Shockey will do is create more mismatches in coverage.

For example, the Bills could line up in a two wide receiver set with two tight ends and a single running back on first down and 10. A defense would just send out a base package with two cornerbacks and two safeties. The next part is on the quarterback to make the play successful.

From there you can motion the one tight end off the line of scrimmage in motion. This would reveal if the defense is in zone coverage or man to man. If it is zone the linebackers would just shift over while in man coverage the defender who is assigned to him will follow him.

At this point it is up to the quarterback to recognize what coverage the defense is in and where the matchups are.

What people need to take into consideration with Shockey is that he wasn’t the first option on the Saint, nor the second. Those were wide receivers Marques Colston and Lance Moore while Shockey was the third.

In the end, with Shockey turning 31 in August signing him would be a worth while risk.